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So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God....Romans 14:12 (as we continue our look at Romans 14).

If you were to stand before the Lord Jesus right now - this very minute - could you give an full accounting for all the gifts He has given you? (That is - what you did with them?) In 1 Peter 4:17, the great Apostle reveals that Judgment will begin FIRST in the house of the Lord. This means, on the coming great and fearful day of the Lord, every Christian will be judged first.

However, we will NOT be judge to determine if we go to heaven or hell. Our eternal destiny was established before we died. Our eternal destiny was sealed the moment we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our eternal destiny began the day we believed we can only be saved by Grace through Faith in Christ, for the Glory of God....and not through traditions, church rituals, being good enough or "good works".

The true christian is who who believes all of this and he/she will be judged on Kingdom Work for Kingdom Reward. This is NOT salvation through works - there is no such thing. This is an assessment by the Lord Jesus of the FRUIT of our work.

Therefore, right now - look inside yourself - are you bearing the Fruits of your salvation? Can you even give an account for "the hope that is within you"? If the answer is (to be gracious) - "I DON'T KNOW", please examine yourself to see if "ye be in the faith"....NOT SAVED....but if you are working in a manner worthy of being called a son or daughter of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you begin this corrective course NOW, you will have no doubt about being able to hear one day from Christ "well done, good and faithful servant...enter now into the joy of your Master"!

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