Tuesday, August 16, 2011

FACEBOOK VS GOD - How to balance your time with Father God & Social Media

Evinda Lepins

Our friend Evinda Lepins is an accomplished author and Internet radio talk show, on BLOG TALK RADIO, in relationships. She had a really powerful piece today which should cause us all to sit up and take notice, my dear friends!

Are we spending more time on Facebook and other social media than God? Here is Evinda's view...and it rings true..completely true!!!

Facebook is an amazing tool, but too much time on it and it becomes a weapon, seriously! How many emotional boundaries have been crossed because of a “long lost connection”? How many marriages have been ruined because of finding an “old friend”? I’ve seen it happen and I’ve heard about it happening many, many times. Let me see if I can explain the importance of balance with this time stealer and I’ll tell on myself to make the point. I know every day I check for messages or accepted “friend requests.” A lot of the time, I have this hopeful anticipation, and I look forward to seeing what others are up to who are a part of my world. It’s fun and it is a good thing.

Now, switch gears. When it comes to meeting with Him, spending time with Him, getting to know more about His characteristics from His Word and just hanging out in His presence, do I have that same kind of hopeful anticipation and am I looking forward to my time with Him as much as I look forward to checking for messages on Facebook and/or chatting with old and new friends? And do I hang out with Him at least half as much as I do on Facebook?

Hmmm, I wonder what life would look like if there were more of Him in it and less of these time stealers!

And what about that cell phone or telephone? Wow, I used to live with that thing in my ear! Not really, but you get the picture. Again, this is such an amazing tool that we can tend to turn into a destructive weapon if we’re not careful. Do we use it to encourage one another more than we do for idle chit-chat? Or is the reverse true?  We must remember the spiritual component as we begin our day so we are better equipped to recognize those time stealers throughout our day. This will enable us to use these things for His glory and our good.

It is a simple equation: Mind + body + soul = balance. Take one of those three out, and now you are like a church without a pastor, a plane without a pilot, a car without a steering wheel, a song without a melody, a story without an ending .  These are just a few time stealers that can really get us derailed from a productive day. We are so inundated with social networking, with advertising, declining morality, in addition to all of our responsibilities, which is why we cannot get up and hit the ground running, thinking we can accomplish more and more. When we put The Rock first, He gets us through the rest of the stuff.

The truth is He looks forward to spending time with you and me and He just wants us to want time with Him more than with the things that can take us away from Him. I also know He’s not there with a timer on His wrist waiting to reprimand any of us about these time stealers. In His gentle and unconditionally loving way, He will reveal when we are out of balance and tip the scale for us!

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