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A fellow author and friend who has inspired me over the recent past is Nikole Hahn. She also runs a major book review site (CLICK HERE). Her response to this past Sunday's message is worthy of being today's devotion, because it not only comes from the heart of a Disciple, but illustrates, precisely, the themes of the past few days. We need to look at her words carefully, before going back through Romans 14 (Verse 5 next).

Our discussion of Living the Great Spirit-filled Life and using this amazing phenomenon to live a blessed life, which influences others, as I walk through Romans 14,  led to a realization of the question "what we should really expect as men and women of God". For instance, does this asking God for a sign signify unbelief or not? Or could it mean impatience and frustration with the wait...and so on? 

Our frequent guest blogger Nikki said something about the themes during the past three days which really struck me as poignant. She says "I find when I listen to that still small voice it is always right. But it's when I let the wrong spirit guide that I see signs that aren't signs at all, but coincidences that mislead. 

In other words, when I get in the way I can't see God act. I found during my time of persecution and trial that stepping back and trusting God to be all powerful in my situation was amazing and nothing short of a miracle. God is still parting the sea so to speak!"

Let this stir us to thought today, as we walk in His Light daily. Sometimes when we see only a shadow from His Light, it is because we ARE getting in the way of His Will for us...or someone else. So whether seeking revelation from God, or an answer about a personal problem....or even intercession for a sick family member or friend, do as Nikki said - TRUST!

Is that easier said than done? In the natural - YES! With the Mind of Christ - NO! To drive this home, I offer to you, the chorus from a song called "The Mind of Christ"

The mind of Christ, my highest goal
                                     The Lord's delight, the desire of my soul
The Father's heart will always guide my life
If I will have in me the mind of Christ

You see, my friends, living the Christian Life is not rocket science, harsh medicine or the equivalent of jumping through hoops. If we just let Him, Who can part the Red Sea and stop the sun...if we let Him...just wash over our spiritual hearts.. If we become totally surrendered to the Lord of Heaven....everything becomes so much clearer and we see things in our spirit which most Christians and others will NEVER isn't that kind of Spirit-Filled Life worth living for?!

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Nikole Hahn said...

Trust...most definitly! Thank you, Bernie.

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

You're most welcome, Nikki! Thank you for the good word to respond to!! Amen!