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The dictionary definition of  "IN THE NAME OF" conveys both the secular AND religious sense. In the book of John 16:23, Jesus said whatever we ask our Father in Heaven, IN HIS (Jesus') Name, Abba Father will give it to us!

So when we pray in His Name, we are exercising the Authority give us in John 1:12 , where the great Apostle John wrote "but to all who received Him, believed in His  Name, He gave the right to become children of God"

The word "right" here is "exousia" or Kingdom Authority!

We have therefore established THE RIGHT we have pray in the Name of Jesus. Many have fought for that privilege and in fact, this has become a major point of debate in all societies now. The dying world fears the Name of Jesus so much, they have been banning even Christian Chaplains from so doing! Is this happening in Communist China? NO! The United States Department of Defense, which is under liberal command and control, for years now, has seen a rush to retire from many Chaplains who will not put up with the censorship, which many US Military personnel are dying for!

Did you know you can use the RIGHT to pray in the Name of Jesus, to actually PRAY His Name as well!! Yes! In the final chapter of my new book DANGER ZONE I provide a list of 177 actual names, from the Bible, of the Lord Jesus....and then briefly show how we can pray those names to have a mrore fruitful prayer life. This kind of praying also deepens the relationship with the One we love - the Messiah! AMEN!

One example is "The Radiance of His Glory" (from Hebrews 1:3)   One can take this short phrase and just Praise and Worship Jesus by magnifying Him through the brilliance of His He shines like the bright and morning star...brighter than the sun. We lift Him up and then praise His Glory which is seen in all creation and throughout the entire earth! You can find many psalms which do just that! Therefore, choose Psalm 24....and pray EVERY verse like you mean it and thank Him for the Radiance of His Glory!

This is how we can then get up on Sunday morning, after praying the Name of Jesus through the Radiance of His Glory, and then sing "Oh, how I love Jesus"!!! AMEN!

(Courtesy Image from Google images / American Bible Society)
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Jessica M said...

Bernie, great post! I had no idea there were that many ways to refer to the name of Jesus from Scripture. Very enlightening...thanks :)
And thank you so much for visiting my last blog post...I really enjoyed your comment.

Hank Sullivan said...

Thanks, Bernie. Yes, folks interested to do so have been trying to remove God from the fabric of American life and government institutions since I can remember. I do not believe it was always that way, but certainly since the early '60's. Your comments are right on, and I will try what you suggest.

Thanks again.

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

Thanks Jessica and brother Hank!

Nothing like praying the Word of God - back to Him!! :-)

Thank you for catching the vision! The B.I.B.L.E...that' the book for me!! know the rest of the song! AMEN!