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Now when Jesus was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, a woman came up to Him with an alabaster flask of very expensive ointment, and she poured it on His head as He reclined at table. And when the disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, “Why this waste? (Matthew 26:6-8 ESV)

This incident happened on the Wednesday before the Passover/Crucifixion. It was a very hot and heavy past three days. Immediately after riding into Jerusalem and hailed as King on Palm Sunday, Jesus went into the Temple on Monday and drove out the money-changers; turned over tables and more. On the very next day - Tuesday - He was teaching on many Parables and even cursed a barren fig tree! 

Now it was Wednesday and Jesus stayed in Bethany, where He spent each night at the home of Mary and Martha. It would be the final "down" time for which the Messiah would have as He visited and relaxed with a few friends. You know the rest of the story. This mysterious woman shows up with the most expensive perfume, costing a year's wages, and pours it all over Jesus' Head. Then she wipes His feet with her flowing hair washing it with her tears. The same Disciples, who claimed Him as the Son of God, began to criticize her, saying that the oil should have been sold, so that the money could be given to the poor!

What lesson can we learn from this? Did the Disciples have a point? One of them, who was probably leading the criticism was the corrupt treasurer of the Twelve - Judas! We know later on, that Judas was skimming money off the top, which the men of God did actually collect for the poor!

Well, no - these guys had no standing. They were thinking only in the flesh. They could not see past their noses. Some of these same men had been arguing earlier about "who was the greatest disciple" or "who was going to sit at Jesus' Right Hand" in the Kingdom and other such pettiness. 

It was up to Jesus to point out this selfless act of True Worship! Apart from the symbolism of this amazing woman "pre-anointing" His Body for burial, it is an example for us of what our Commitment and Walk with Christ should truly be like. We are better off being at the Feet of Jesus than trying to be His co-pilot or public relations man! Remember what He said when Mary and Martha were arguing about who should be helping whom in the kitchen. 

Jesus said in Luke 10:38-42 "Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet and listened to his teaching. But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.” But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”


- Are you ready to give up all you think you possess in this world, for the Sake of the Savior? 
- Would you be willing to consider sitting at the Feet of Him Who brings Good News, rather than seek out the fame and fortune, which you think are due you, because you are a Christian?
- Are a Mary, whose submission to the Lord carries an irrevocable blessing, or a social justice disciple like Judas, who complains when God gets the very best offering of Worship and Adoration?
- What's He worth to you?

Think on these things, on this day, as we prepare ourselves for the Ultimate Sacrifice, two days away. 

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