Monday, December 5, 2011


This morning is not about any incredible revelation or exhortation, but Glorification.
This morning, and all this beautiful day that the Lord has made, we lift High His Name in Praise.
We lift our voices and our hearts to the One Who is Holy.
We long for the Shekinah Glory to surround us in all His Majesty.
We love the Sound of the Sweet Spirit who lives in us.
We listen intently now as we enter in the Most Sacred Ground there is - His Throne Room.
We lay our hearts down in that Secret Place, as we worship......

Oh Worship the Lord, oh ye His saints
Worship in the Beauty of His Majesty
Worship in the Fire of His Holiness
Fix your gaze on the One Who is Holy
Fall on your face before Him now
Fail not to see this fact:
Faithful and True is His Name

He has made a promise, He will not sleep
He has done the work, now YOU He will keep
No, let not cares and fears cause you to weep
For He has taken your sins and made a clean sweep
My God, My God YOU have delivered me
Mercy and Grace You handed to me
Majesty, therefore, Yours alone, I will be

Glory to the Father seated High Above
Fearsome and powerful yet gentle as a Dove
Come Lord Jesus, Your Spirit fills this Place
I have never been higher than flat on my face
Fill me, pour me, make me, mold me 
Oh Lord God Jehovah, bend me
To Thy Wonderful Perfect and always, Amen.

In the Name of Jesus,
Bernie Lutchman, 
A bondslave of Christ

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