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Psalm 85: 1-9 (THE PLEA)

 1LORD, you were(B) favorable to your land;
   you(C) restored the fortunes of Jacob.

2You(D) forgave the iniquity of your people;
   you covered all their sin.          Selah

3You withdrew all your wrath;
   you(E) turned from your hot anger.

 4(F) Restore us again, O God of our salvation,
   and put away your indignation toward us!
5(G) Will you be angry with us forever?
   Will you prolong your anger to all generations?
6Will you not(H) revive us again,
   that your people may(I) rejoice in you?
7Show us your steadfast love, O LORD,
   and grant us your salvation.

 8(J) Let me hear what God the LORD will speak,
   for he will(K) speak peace to his people, to his(L) saints;
   but let them not(M) turn back to(N) folly.
9Surely his(O) salvation is near to those who fear him,
   that(P) glory may dwell in our land.....Psalm 85:1-9 ESV*

You can never go wrong by letting the Lord tell you what to read before bedtime! A priceless gem can be found, as I think on this privilege we have daily, at the end of Psalm 85.

If you read the first 9 verses of the entire Psalm 85 (HERE), you will notice a plea from the worship leaders - The Sons of Korah.  It is the most beautiful prayer and petition to our Father in Heaven!!

This devotional today is not an exposition of each verse of this psalm but stunning overview from a portion of the Bible's Prayer Book - the Psalms!  These amazing sons of Korah are not unlike us! They were descendants of rebels led by Moses' cousin and fellow Levite - Korah with his two henchmen Dathan and Abiram. These rebels were killed by God as He let the earth swallow them and their immediate families up. Hundreds were destroyed for their rebellion against God (see Numbers 16:1-50)

Yet here we have the SONS of Korah, or his descendants from that portion of the Levite Tribe, writing some of the most beautiful psalms of the Bible!

This alone tells of the Grace and Forgiveness of the Great God of Heaven - my Father and yours! In modern terms. the famous atheist Madelyn Murray o'Hair succeeded in getting the Bible and prayer out of schools. Yet her son William, is a solid christian and baptist pastor in Texas! This goes to show that legacy, schmeglacy - God will save whomever He wishes and it also shows that we don't have to follow the ungodly things which we grew up around!

Verses 1-9 recalls all the good things God has done for His people and now, as the worship leaders remember, they cry out "LORD, MAKE US LIVE AGAIN! LORD, REVIVE US AGAIN!!!"

Oh that God's people will literally cry out like this! Many in the church today call on Him, in their rote prayers for "revival", not having a clue what that word really means! Many who pray along with this, are themselves not even rejuvenated by the Washing of the Blood of the Lamb into a New Life with Christ/

Do you have the authority to make this plea? Can you say with assurance that Christ has given you His Spirit and that He lives within you?

And, if you truly are converted and not just a modern evangelical altar call "convert", do you have the Boldness and yes, the Bold relationship with Abba Daddy, to Whom you can now say:" God, I need you, help me now! 

I need Your Hand in my life NOW.
I need to be rescued from this NOW. 
I need deliverance NOW. 
I need peace of mind NOW. Help me Father! You promised to never leave or forsake me. 

I believe YOU and YOU ALONE. Father, I am claiming that promise right now, in the Name of Jesus and beg you to REVIVE me again. 
Give me a NEW purpose in life. 
Give me new positioning to proceed. 
Give me a new posture, wherein I can walk upright and right up to the Throne of Grace to seek You daily. 
Give me a new perception of my problem so I can put it aside and keep my eyes on He Who has done away with my main problem of rebellion against You, Lord!

Bless Your Holy Name, Father God, in the Name of Jesus, revive me to Thy Rest, amen and amen.


*English Standard Version (ESV)
The Holy Bible, English Standard Version Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers.

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