Friday, December 30, 2011

SEASONS IN LIFE as another year leaves LAURIE

Seasons demonstrate to us that while nothing stays the same, there is beauty to be found in every season (Laurie Popovich)

 Temptations in bright yellows, oranges and reds;
The beauty surrounds us, turning our heads.
This beauty soon fades to a crimson brown,
And piles of leaves fall, littering the ground.
Twisting and turning as they dance with the wind;
The stirrings, the confusion, the unrest within.
Echoing the noise of the words once spoken,
Revealing the heart scarred and broken.
Trees stripped and standing bare,
Nothing to hide, nothing to spare.
Facing the cold, harsh winter winds;
Woe the brittle and breaking of limbs.
Hardened heart, frozen for a time;
Desiring great warmth,
Waiting to be defined.
Rains steady on the earth’s floor,
Seeds being watered evermore.
Resurrection of life all around,
Colorful blossoms of beauty abound.
Waters washing away the lies,
Seeds of truth within arise.
Springing forth from old to new,
Anchoring one in “Beautiful You”.
Light lengthens a summer’s day;
Pushing back darkness, showing the way.
Bright colors painted everywhere,
Withstanding a Sun’s gaze, glare.
Shade welcomed, warm waters near, far;
Visions of clear skies, the brightest of stars.
Frolicking, dancing my heart secure, at rest;   
Warmth of love defines me, giving me the best.
The beauty to be found in each season is found in you. You are the beauty to be found and shared with others.
You are loved,

Laurie Popovich 
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