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We hear this word A LOT. I have taken business in college so of course I have heard about vision with respect to business planning.
We all hear this word in churches with respect to the vision that God has planted in the heart of the pastor for a church.However, how often do we, or are we, directed to apply this word as a road map for our own lives?

Crystal Banks Tait
In watching a ministry leadership conference, my thoughts about vision that many pastors were speaking of directed me to the things that I "do" for God and why I do what I do. When I hear the pastors speak of things in relation to leading their churches I apply it to my family, my children, my position as a follower within my own church, as well as learning and developing skills for the plans that God has for me in the future.

What was MY vision for the things that I am doing in my life? 
I had never asked this question before. 
What IS my motivating force? 
This all seems so simple yet it is likely something that most of us are not doing I would venture to say. Have YOU asked yourself why you do what you do in your life? 

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of the things “I do” for God was my blog. What is the motivating force behind my blog? What is my vision through this blog? Is it for myself or is it really for God?

I reflected on other things that I have been attempting to be involved in and get started for “God”. Things in which I am attempting to find my "place" in at our local church and really my "place" on the planet in God's grand scheme of things.

I have never assessed what my vision was for my life. Why do I do, what I do, and what do I hope to get accomplished by doing a, b, c, or d? 
Those should be the first questions we ask ourselves PRIOR to taking the action step! Vision and mission SHOULD always be developed IN PRAYER! 

The first thing I thought of after reflecting on my past year or two of activities was my blog. 

Why do I blog? What is my vision for my blog and what do I hope to accomplish through blogging. So I thought about it and my vision for my blog is that I want to share my life experiences in hopes that it will help others to continue in or change their lives in a way that will allow them to live in an intimate, real relationship with Jesus Christ. I want Christians to have God as a close friend and confidant and not only live as surface Christians and I want to share what that looks like so that they can have it for themselves.

God used that leadership conference to show me that what it all comes down to is vision. 
Your vision will set your path.

The vision for my life in general is to live my life in the most God honoring way that I possibly can. Making myself available however God wants me to be available to accomplish whatever He wants me to accomplish. I know God has a plan and a vision for my life. 

God has given me gifts and talents and I intend on developing them for His glory. When I get to heaven and God asks me what I did with the gifts, talent & treasures He gave me, I am hoping that my answer will be, “I used them to bring Glory to You.” The answer I hope to hear is "Well done!”

My blog is using my life story to inspire others to trust God. To inspire others to get to know God and to read His word every single day. God longs to know YOU. God yearns to know you and speak to you just as a mother or father longs to speak and hold their child. Or a child longs to speak and hold their mother or father.

Next time I want to get involved in something, instead of just throwing up a prayer and saying God, do you want me to do ___________. Or alternatively, should I?

I will PAUSE, look for the vision behind the action in PRAYER. 

I think we need to set a vision for all things we do in life.

I want to have a VISION for my family, a VISION for my marriage and a VISION as a parent to name a few. 

If the vision does not line up with the Word of God, and God is not behind what I do, even the small things that I involve myself in daily, it is time to do something different.

The vision sets the path for your footsteps and mine.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” Psalm119:105

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