Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Exodus 20:17

More and more, in these horrible and troubled times, we see normally measured people falling for an unsavory public conversation, which deliberately violates God's Tenth Commandment. Class Warfare is that of which I speak. But it is more than just this tactic, which is as old as the French Revolution, Karl Marx and every philosophy along these lines.

When one group of people, try to get those who consider themselves victimized by dire economic conditions, by telling them that "if it were not for the guy down the street who has a better car or more money in the bank than you", it is conscious violation of God's Law. However, when we take it upon ourselves to look at the guy next door, who just bought a boat to enjoy the town lake, and envy him, instead of being happy he was able to do that, we are just as guilty as some godless politician who engages in class warfare.

To want and desire what another has is as old a sin as jealousy and lust. Not many are able to satisfied with the blessings Almighty God, in His Wisdom, has given us. How we need to look at this is from God's perspective. When we, who call ourselves Christians, follow the world in hot pursuit of the latest cars, ipads, vacations, snazzy clothes and more, they become our idols! Yes, they do! Immediately, we have just broken the first commandment because we have told Holy God that these material passing things are more important than Him!

Even worse is when we see the guy across the street with his new jet-skis or ride-on mower...or listen to his pampered wife boast of her latest spa visit which enhances her outward appearance...when we see and hear of all of this, the natural tendency is to long to have those things, as well!  If you can work harder and save and not neglect the kids and still have time to worship the Lord daily, well, go right ahead. But if we dwell on what the other guy has and are not grateful for what we have, we dishonor Father.

That job we have - God gave it to us. You and I may have applied for it along with 50 other people, but Who led the employer to hire us?
That home we live in - God gave it to us. If we allowed Him to select the home for us, He will provide for its operation. My wife and I had less than two weeks in 2001 to find a home as our starter home had finally sold, by Divine Intervention. After frantic searches and exploration of several homes shown us by a local realtor, we were on the verge several times of settling...just to meet a deadline. We were returning home, after a long afternoon of open houses, when I took the wrong turn into a neighborhood while looking for Walnut Street, in order to head home. 

Realizing that I was lost in a subdivision, which I had never been in, I decided to turn around using a driveway.  As soon as I pulled into the driveway, I saw the "FOR SALE BY OWNER" sign and a phone number! We called the owner who showed us the four bedroom home (which really needed some "love and attention"). The kids loved the backyard! Eleven years later, we love our home which has had some serious updating and renovating! OH, HOW I LOVE JESUS!!!

We know how we got here. Why would we want somebody else's home over ours? I have been passed over in many aspects of life, but realized long ago that everything happens for a reason in my life. I have complete confidence and trust in the God Who gave me life. When we covet and long for what belongs to someone else, we are telling God that He made a mistake. 

What we should do is not just mind our own business, but do a gut-check to see what we are mastered by.  Are we mastered by owning "things" or are we mastered by the Master - Christ? Are we full of ambition and can't get ahead or are we full of a drive to serve Jesus and see souls brought into the Kingdom more than anything else? 

So, who is your master - your roving eye or the Lord Who infills your spirit with peace, joy and contentment? Just asking.....

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