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part 3

Ephesians 6: 12 (NASB) says "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places".

We have already looked at the word "struggle" or "wrestle" in the context of this ongoing spiritual battle. Today, we see exactly whom we are fighting daily as this war escalates.  Every real believer is in a daily conflict in her or his soul. We would be shocked and scared silly if we actually saw what was going on behind the scenes as competing forces combat each other for space in our daily lives.

An increasing majority of world citizens could care less about what Holy God thinks and have grabbed a hold of the lies of the devil with a firm grip. The scariest thing is the increasing number of professing Christians who are not just diminishing the role of the devil but who pretend satan does not even exist! I don't know how someone can call themselves a christian, read or hear about Jesus casting demons of out etc. and don't not believe the Head Honcho in the Hierarchy of Hell - Satan - exists! However, increasingly, more and more people do.

So, are there really levels of evil? I believe this verse says it emphatically! First of all, there are the "rules" as the verse says. The actual Greek word  is "arche" from which we get arch-enemy! This/these rulers are the arch-enemies of God! They are at the top of the chain!

Secondly, the verse says "powers" which is the same word Jesus used in John 1:12 when He gave us His Authority to execute His plan here on earth - "exousia"....except this Hierarchy of Hell derives its own authority from their ruler - Satan!

Third, the verse above says "world forces of this darkness". An interesting word is used for world forces because now we have shifted from the powers who currently reside up in heaven to those who operate unseen above us...and these are the Forces who influence the world systems directly, on orders from Hell's Angels on 'high'!! The word is "kosmokratór" and this word indicates this is a force independent from God! If something or someone is independent from the one True God, it is straight from the pit of hell!

Finally, the verse says "the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places....This is a valid description of spiritual filth and degradation, such as God never imagined when He created the World to begin with. The word "spiritual" or from the spirit world is pregnant in its usage here because it occupies the sphere from around us here on planet earth all the way up to the sky! This is where these ground forces of evil receives its reinforcements - for the current pre-judgment day time!

This final phrase in the verse explains why somewhere....and here is a perfect example of this. Many times in the past twenty years of an increasingly dynamic walk with Christ, I would go somewhere and suddenly the presence of evil will be so strong, I would want to leave. The worse example of this happened over 20 years ago when my wife and I were driving through Rhode Island to Hartford, Ct. on the way back from Cape Cod, Mass. when we were overcome by darkness and so much evil, we could not wait to get out of that state fast enough! It turns out the part of the state we were in was once a native Indian burial ground or spot of pagan native American blood sacrifices, which Illinois' Cahokia Mounds are!

So please don't even mess with these various level of evil. Unless one is versed in spiritual warfare, can pray demons out, or bring deliverance through warfare prayers, PLEASE DO NOT engage these spirits!  That having been said, please do pray more and ask the Lord to give you more and more revelation This way, we can more effectively deal with the enemy when he strikes at us, or it would make us stronger is intercessor or prayer advocate for someone else.  Amen. 
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