Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Elections in Northern Ireland Important for Pro-Life Movement!

Two big things are happening in the spiritual realm this coming Thursday May 5, 2011! Here in the United States,  we have and celebrate our Annual National Day of Prayer with services and prayer meetings nationwide. But another battle is being staged in Northern Ireland - general elections...click here

This has ramifications for the resurgent pro-life movement in Ireland as this country in North/Western Europe has become ground zero for spiritual warfare between those who held that part of the World pagan and secular for Centuries and the movement of God to bring Revival, Life and Renewal back. This is why I am highlighting these elections as we get ready to remember our own National Day of Prayer here back home. Pray for those like Bernie Smyth and PRECIOUS LIFE who have given their life's work to serve Him and save Babies!!  

This video is of Bern speaking at a conference a few years ago

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