Sunday, May 1, 2011


For several years now, the Lord has called my attention to a phenomenal move of His Spirit in the former war-torn territory of Northern Ireland. From it's amazing worship music led by Robin Mark, Bluetree, Liz Clarke and more to some powerful preaching and in the past year, He has connected me with the folks who run the largest Pro-Life Organization in Northern Ireland - PRECIOUS LIFE!!! It is my honor to partner with them in prayer as we pray for a land where there was so much death and destruction, but now, where the Lord wants to save as many babies as possible. It is my honor to introduce BERNADETTE SMYTH, FOUNDER of Precious Life, Northern Ireland and to ask you to pray for them as we pray for the Pro-Life movement in the USA!

Bernadette Smyth, Northern Ireland.
Precious Life was founded in 1997 by Bernadette Smyth after viewing a picture of a baby killed by abortion. She was horrified to know that this could happen to a child and decided to do something about it. Since that day, Precious Life has worked tirelessly to keep abortion out of Northern Ireland, and through our activism and campaigning we have saved many babies and their mother’s from the horror of abortion. The emergence of Precious Life has rejuvenated the pro-life community in Northern Ireland into one of the most active and vibrant of movements. 

Precious Life is the largest pro-life group in Northern Ireland and the only pro-life group actively working on the streets every day. We are composed of people from all sections of the community who care deeply about unborn children and their mothers. We are non-denominational and non-party political. 

Since our formation, there has been a dramatic drop in the numbers of women travelling from Northern Ireland to England for abortion. We believe this is directly attributable to our activism. By exposing the lies surrounding abortion; by educating the public with the truth about abortion; and by campaigning against abortion - we are saving babies, mothers, and indeed this country, from the silent holocaust that is brutally destroying 50 million lives worldwide every year. 

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