Sunday, October 5, 2014


Jesus Christ is not just the Creator of the World and everything therein.
Jesus Christ is not just the Lord and Savior of all mankind.
Jesus Christ is not just the High Priest, Prophet and King Who lives to make intercession for the elect.
Jesus Christ is not just the loftiest idea in literature, the melodies of a million songs.
Jesus Christ is not just the Image of the Invisible God:
He is the inspiration and the driving force of the following:
- The entire hospital and the entire health care system we have today.
- The entire educational higher educational system we have today.
- The missionary movement which took civilization, health care, clean food & healthy systems to the western world and to Africa, India, China and all points in between.

Princeton, Harvard and Yale all began as Christian colleges to promote the teaching of the Gospel. Princeton started as a bible study group. What they have become - secular humanist anti-Christian institutes of higher learning - is a testimony to the sin of mankind, for which accountability will be required one day. 

The following video: Part 1 of this two part TV show teaching examines first the foundational understanding  and underpinnings of Who Jesus Christ is, some of His impact, and the Historical/Biblical background of this teaching. 

Part 2: THE "I AM STATEMENTS" Examined....

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