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Chosen Generation Gospel Band (in part)
One of the major goals I have in bringing these free outdoor Christian concerts to various
Tamara Norville
parts of the city and the county in coming months and years is to bring the joyful news of the Kingdom to areas given up by the church, to worldly systems.  The first one, though too long by a few hours, happened in Auburn, Illinois in October 2011. JesusFest 2 was at the brand new SouthWinds Park (just on the outskirts of town) in October 2012 and the recently concluded JesusFest 3 brought the powerful message of Jesus to the South East Laketown area of Springfield.

IDENTITY from Bloomington, Il.
Future spots being explored are Petersburg, Rochester, Chatham and other parts of this big city of Springfield. The rubber meets the road...on the road. We can expound and pontificate from a pulpit on Sunday morning, feel good about ourselves and there is nothing wrong with any of this. However the Great Commission from the Great Christ was to "GO AND MAKE", not sit and take.

Evangelism and outreach are not just two words which begin with vowels, but the burden of every soul (or should be) who has been called out of the pit by the Great Rescuer - Jesus, when He saved us. This event went so well, that even the regional management of Hardee's was impressed by the size and tone of this outreach, under the most perfect sky of the month!
Evangelist Christian Rapper, MB
 So many hearts were touched, we were invited to do an event there monthly. If I had the resources and could, I would do that, just to reach that part of the city which has the biggest strip-club between Chicago and St. Louis - Deja Vu! God alone knows how many people's lives - from marriages to the young women who peddle their flesh there - have been completely destroyed by this so-called "gentleman's club". No real gentleman will be caught dead in a place like that - EVER!

Rachel Ray,
American Cancer Society
Right off the bat, a wonderful saint in the pro-life community and the wife of one of my dearest brothers and a man I fellowship with daily went over to this strip club to pray on the streets surrounding this "establishment". Here is a partial testimony of what happened there, first hand - "I went to pray towards Deja Vu & when we parked in a place to purchase beer across the street a young woman walk out with a beer she had purchased...we witnessed to her & prayed for her about 30 minutes & it was soooo BEAUTIFUL!!!  The young woman walking to her vehicle that seemed so lost & sad left with a HUGE smile on her face & genuine "JOY"!! I love serving God & I'll pretty much go anywhere @ any time...thank you again!”

Monica Hay,
 New Life Church, Auburn
A young man who had trouble with drugs, came up to our ministry table ready to surrender his life to Christ! Christian Rapper MB (Zach Ayappa), and my buddy Bob Kennedy led him to Christ right next to Stevenson Drive! A young lady was so convicted, I heard that she gave up her will to do more drugs right in front of some church people who prayed for her. There were more people affected by the message and the music and the method of loving others to Christ which will have a huge impact for months to come.

One amazing treasure was the Broken Chains Church (Corner of Monroe & Lewis Streets) of Springfield whose brand new Drama Team brought the Gospel of the Kingdom to life so much that it captivated hearts and minds big time. Those are the illustrations that stick with both the redeemed and maybe, soon-to-be redeemed, rather than 45 minute message on a Sunday morning! I wish to thank Pastor Brian Williams for bringing his team out and know we will have a long association with them as we reach this generation with the Truth, as the days of the End draw closer!
A section of our Exhibit Row,before J-FEST began
Thank you to Rachel Ray, the happy warrior from the American Cancer Society, for bringing hope and resources for breast cancer prevention and treatment to the event, and for returning to J-Fest this year.
Thank you also to the following for your heart and your ministry: Don Hunt and the Chosen Generation Gospel Band. Visit the Holy Ground Coffee House on Allen Street for more fine gospel music of all genres twice per month.
Thank you to a delightful couple of beautiful kids from Illinois College- Allan Miggins and Tamara Norville for their joy and excitement.
Thank you to Monica Hay from New Life Church.
Allan Miggins  & Tamara Norville
 from Illinois College, Jacksonville, Illinois
Thank you to IDENTITY who drove all the way from Bloomington, Illinois to bless us with their virtue and fun.
Thank you to the wonderful group ASHLAND from Greenville, Illinois.
Thank you to DJ Mayday and evangelist/Christian hip-hop artist Zach Ayappa (THE MB) for being there and such good sports!
Thank you to Rock and Roll Hardees management for allowing us to use the facilities and to soundman Oakland Morris (Oakie) for doing our sound, event after event.
Thank you to the best production team in the business – brothers Brian Powell and Bob Kennedy and to all who helped us get the word out citywide!

Business Men in Christ will continue to promote and produce these events as God provides and calls us to reach our city with the Good News of Christ, until He comes! Maranatha!


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