Saturday, September 7, 2013


In the Old Testament, God told us - parents and those who are older - to teach the younger ones (our children) His Ways (Deuteronomy 6: 6-9). The only problem is - most do not do that, well, because it is hard! Even churches, where our kids are supposed to be safe and trained to be future saints and solid citizens of both earth, and then heaven, are falling down on the job!

We have failed our children - both as adults and as an Ekklesia (the Body of Christ). More and more young people are walking away from not just the church, but Jesus Christ - never to return. They may not have learned that garbage from us, but what we allowed in our churches and then in our educational system has created more lost people than we can even dream of evangelizing in our lifetime.

We began losing the vast majority of our young people from age 8 on! Yes! Incredible as this sounds, this is what the research from Answers in Genesis and others. Why did we start losing them so early in their church life? Well, we told them Bible stories which all ended well, without raising them up as disciples of Christ. We lost them by not equipping them to face the world, sin and Satan. We had them for 2 or hours a week in church, while the world indoctrinated them into its ungodly systems, the rest of the week!

This program examines current scary and sobering research from Barna Research and how we go there...and more than that, what are the solutions:

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