Sunday, September 1, 2013


The profane and those bound for perdition use His Name in Blasphemy.
The pagan and the politician use His Words to create ungodly policy.
The professing and the prosperity pretender fool themselves and millions others into sure eternal separation....and all of this in His Name.
The professors and media promote Him only as some moral teacher.

The real story of Jesus is not just the one which the western world pays attention to around Christmas and Easter. 
The real story of Jesus is not just the Famous Verse (John 3:16) we see in the end zone at football games.
The real story of Jesus is not just found in His Sacrifice and Atonement for all sin for all time at the Cross of Calvary. 
But the continuing real story of Jesus can be found in the FRUIT of that Sacrifice over the past 2000 years!

There is NO other belief system in the World which has benefited mankind than Christianity. In the next post on the Superiority of Christianity to any other so-called "belief" system in the world. You will see the power of God vs the corruption of man's systems, which are designed only to keep other men and women in bondage.

Therefore, which this full look into the Historical Jesus, from the Beginning, as we lay out the Foundation to show the world, WHY and HOW Christianity is the only belief system designed by the REAL GOD of Heaven!

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