Saturday, September 14, 2013


As we watch our brothers and sisters persecuted not just in the Syrian civil war, but the 1,000,000 Chaldean Christians run out of their 2000 year old homes when the US military handed the Iraq (Babylon) government over to the local Shiite government. 
As we watch our Coptic brothers lose their lives and their churches in Egypt. 
As we watch Christian news broadcasts about Nigerian islamic terrorists raiding Christian boarding schools and killing teachers and children....and on and on...what are we to do? How are western Christians to respond and react to these atrocities against the Ekklesia (Body of Christ)?

Most folks in our churches do not know it is even happening because, well, frankly, most north American church leadership (Canada and the USA) do not really care about our brethren being persecuted in foreign lands. Some may mention something about it in a passing prayer, but that's it. It took a US congressman - Frank Wolfe (R Virginia) to embarrass two nationally known preachers into responding to the plight of the persecuted...which they did almost like a cheap politician would.

So it is really up to the individual Christian to care about this because God will hold us each accountable....and the church leadership of the West will be held to a much higher standard than we are going to be held to. We can do much more - each one of us - than even our pastors and teachers for the martyrs and the persecuted in Arabia, Africa and Asia....and one day, in America. How? We can pray! Our spirit-led prayers for the persecuted on a regular basis, mean more than you and I know! Any chance we get to donate toward bibles, blankets or bread for them, take it - and go full bore into Service to our brethren.

Our clarion call could be what 1 Peter 4:12-17 tells us to do here....then watch Part 2 of the Teaching on The Persecuted Church and how we can be better servants of Christ, in the fullest sense of the word.
(See the PLUMBLINE TV PROGRAM on Part 2 of PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS below as we explore persecution from Psalm 69 with a unique look at this expository. We look at the problem of persecution and the possible solutions from the Scriptures here).

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