Friday, December 28, 2012


Read John 1:43-50 here

Excitement fills the air. Philip can hardly contain himself. Joy oozes from his face. His search for the Messiah is over. He desires to shout from the mountains... The long awaited Messiah is come! Please see for yourself the Son of God is HERE! 

Tears flow. Heart pounds. Philip rushes to find his friends. In the distance he sees someone resting under a fig tree. Philip dashes as quick as possible. Urgency causes his heart to beat even faster. Approaching the scene, he realizes it is Nathanael taking a midday nap. Shalom, Nathanael. Wake up! We found the Messiah, the Son of God, in Nazareth! There is not a second to waste. Come see for yourself!  

Waking from his slumber, Nathanael raises his head. In a moments notice he finds himself following Philip. Thoughts arise like, There is no way this is the Messiah. He is to come from Bethlehem, not Nazareth. This little obscure village? No way! 

Knowing Nathaneal's heart, Jesus greets him with a smile. Nathanael is caught off guard. Without thinking he says, "How do you know me?" Jesus' answer confirms it all, "I saw you under the fig tree." Nathanael immediately falls at Jesus' feet. Tears pour. Praises spew  like a springtime flood. This is Him whom our forefathers spoke of in the Torah. He stands before me! The Son of God! 

Encouragement fills Jesus' heart. His team is building One Stone at a Time. His love for His disciples grows ever so strong. Excitement is in the air. He thanks His Father for the men who will journey with Him. Sweet tears emerge.   

Imagine this moment. The birth of a new relationship. The scene could have looked totally different if Nathanael acted on his first thoughts, Nazareth is too small a town for the Messiah, the King of Kings, to come from. This has got to be a joke. Wow, he would have missed the blessing of walking side-by-side with Jesus on this earth!

What about you? Do you allow first impressions to dictate your life? Seek Him and you will find Him. Don't miss the journey God has planned for you with Jesus. As you engage in conversations with the Lord make sure to listen. He knows you inside and out. Bow at His feet and proclaim, You are the Son of God! 

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