Thursday, March 15, 2012


The Wonderful Passover story of Jesus was shown on Wednesday night March 14, scripture by scripture throughout the wonderful thread woven by God when He gave the Passover to the Israelites, upon their flight from Egypt.

That is the story I was privileged, honored and humbled to share with the wonderful packed house at the First Nazarene Church, Decatur. First Naz is well known for its openness to the foundational truth as well as outreach to the community via Discipleship classes and concerts by well known Christian artists like Casting Crowns, BlueTree and more!

Rather than completely follow the traditional Passover Seder order, which the Jewish people, who follow either the Law under Judaism or Grace under Yeshua (Jesus); I merged about 50% of the traditional portions of the Haggadah (or Order of Service) book and told the Story of Jesus the True Messiah (Yeshua the Maschiach) the rest of the way, from the Bible! It was such a thrill to show, through the customs of the Day to the prophetic from Scripture, how EVERY single element of the Passover relates to EVERYTHING we do in our churches today! I also used Powerpoint as the prohibitive cost of printing scores of books was not an option,

This alone should give us pause to thank the Great God of Heaven for His Mercy in choosing us, we poor Gentiles, to be grafted into the Family of Abraham. From the 10th plague to the Death of the Firstborn on the Cross; from the stripes on the Matzah bread to the cup which Jesus instituted in His Blood (the Communion Service).

Thank you to all who prayed for us. Thank you to the First Naz, Decatur Staff led by Pastor Tim Crump and to Darcy Morr forall her hard work putting together the entire ceremonial dinner. Thanks as well to Chief Petty Officer Roger Priestley (Ret.) for setting this entire project of love up, to bless the good folks of that church. Included in this article posts, are some of the photos from last night.

Shalom and Happy Pesach! I will write more about three key points of this message on Good Friday or the real Passover Date commanded by God - April 6 on our western calendar. Amein.

(photos by Roger Priestley)

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