Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In the course of the past few weeks, I prepared to present a Messianic Passover Seder, at a fairly large church in Decatur, Illinois tonight (Wednesday March 14),what was so powerfully evident to me is the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in every fiber of every word of every phrase His Word and the Passover itself.

First of all, it is amazing, that someone like me - a Gentile - would be asked to do what some consider a 100% Jewish Feast - Passover! How is this possible? Well, first, I am a Jew by re-birth. Jesus, the King of the Jews, called, elected, chose to and drew me unto Himself  when He spoke to my Spiritual heart on August 16, 1988 @ 4am. By that simple yet eternally crucial act (for me), He grafted me into the family of Abraham, a former pagan like me, who became a Hebrew when he crossed over from darkness into life.

The word "Hebrew" itself means one who has crossed over.God called this man, Abraham, out of Ur of the Chaldeans (outside modern day Baghdad, Iraq) and made him father of the Jews. Anyone who is in the family of God, is related to this father of many nations and therefore, the other Patriarchs of the Bible - Isaac and Jacob. I became enthralled with Jewish things many moons ago and briefly sat under the teachings of  Messianic Rabbi in the early part of the 2000's. That led to my love of the great Passover Seder dinner. 

The word 'Seder' itself actually means order. If you spent as many weeks studying Jesus in the Passover and what the Seder really means, you will see the beautifully  thread of love God has intricately woven in every step of the Passover! It is a harmonious arrangement of significance which flows like the crimson tide, that covered the Cross on Calvary, when our Passover Lamb, Jesus paid the final penalty for our sins! 

This is what really blew me away, in my immersion into the depths of God's thinking when He instituted it. While the Seder I will be doing tonight (at the First Nazarene Church) is three weeks ahead of the actual Passover (April 6, 2012 or Good Friday to most of the world), it will give me a change to share the following:
- Wonder of our Great God in Heaven 
- His Compassion for Mankind
- His Omnipotent Wisdom
- His Ways, which are not our ways
- His plan for Redemption 
- His Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross
- His Great offer to us.

This message of the Passover is such a joyful message - timeless, true and can be told at anytime of the year.

Father in the Name of Yeshua, Prince of Peace, I come to You now, bowing humbly before Your Throne of Grace, that LORD - YOU, King of the Universe would look down in the muck and mire of this corrupt world and pull  me out of it....then clean me up by the Blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus...then set my feet upon a rock. 

Father, You put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God, many will hear it and come to know You and Jesus Christ, the One True God, through the Holy Spirit's prompting - Three in Essence but One True God. Many will see the error of their ways and see forgiveness of their sins through Repentance and make You the Lord of their lives. Many will know that You, You alone are God. 

May it be today! May it be now! 
May it be real! Hallelujah! Hosanna to the King, Who saved and saves many into to Kingdom of Light from the Kingdom of Darkness! 

Thank You, oh HaShem, Mighty One! Blessed are You Lord God, King of the Universe! You save all men and speak life into them by the Power of Your Word! I bow down before You and present myself a living sacrifice to be used by You today, to honor You in the 3500 year old Tradition of the Passover and to show hundreds the meaning of this most amazing of Feasts and how and WHY they must accept this because, after all, Father, the Passover is about Jesus, the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world - all our sins. 

I thank You for that honor and privilege and surrender all that I am, all that I do, all that I will do to Your wonderful service, in the Name of Christ Jesus the Lord, amen and amen.

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