Monday, July 11, 2011



I don't know about you, but we can all use a little "grace" from time to why not on a beautiful hot July Monday morning?! This small word carries a punch with it which can deliver a knockout blessing from God. This blessing then floors the recipient in such splendor and love, it is unimaginable HOLY GOD could love us THAT much!

The Old Testament meaning of Grace (Hebrew: "chen") means beauty, gracefulness (like a ballet dancer, if you will). However the New Testament meaning of Grace (Greek: "charis"...where we get the word 'charismatic) gives a meaning of the following: a pleasant external appearance, "loveliness," "agreeableness" or "acceptableness". It also means "goodwill" or "UNMERITED FAVOR"!

The latter means that we did absolutely nothing to receive or gain His Grace, which is primarily found in Salvation. We know from our reformed theology that Salvation is gained through Grace Alone (Sola Gratia) through Christ Alone...and this ONLY through His Life, Death, Burial and Resurrection. This Grace was the Supreme Act of Love which the Son of Man, the Son of Abba Father our Great God, exhibited when He spilled His Own Divine Blood on two pieces of wood that we may be forgiven and live forever with Him in Heaven! In other words, the Eternal Riches of Heaven cost Jesus Christ, my Adonai, EVERYTHING on that we would not have to pay for it ourselves.

We can experience this amazing transformation into Eternity, if we - sinners though we are - accept WITHOUT condition, this Gift of Grace, Love and Merciful Compassion He offers to us. If we confess with our mouths, repent in our hearts, trust, love, accept Christ's Offer of Grace through Faith, we too will spend Eternity in Heaven with Him. Nothing to this world I bring, only to His Cross I cling....

Are you ready for live in this unearned FREE state RIGHT NOW? Give and surrender all to Him, right now! I am ready, willing and 'bout you?!


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