Monday, March 29, 2021


 "I will test you with the measuring line of justice and the plumb line of righteousness….Isaiah 28:17a

CONSIDER THIS: We should not miss what the Lord is saying both through Isaiah here…then Jeremiah….then Ezekiel…. and Amos! These Old Testament prophets were not just prophesying against wayward Israel or Judah! They are warning us today – 2600 years later! The Word of God is the Standard…or the Plumb Line, which is used in construction (in the natural world) to keep walls and buildings straight! Plumb line is Standard. God’s Plumb Line is Righteousness which only comes through Christ as Lord and Savior. If Jesus is not your Lord, the world will join you in equal justice on Judgment Day. The Measuring Line – used to keep things like bricks and mortar aligned properly – will be the yardstick of His Justice. Every Christian would be very wise to heed these words, from the Lord and adjust our thinking and lives, accordingly.

ACTION: Today, measure your own righteousness against the Holiness of God. that you may not lose rewards on that day. He has promised to hold His people to the Plumb Line of Truth. Remember this – “judgment begins in the House of the Lord”. We do this by reading the Word, in some form, daily and praying as much as possible, at all times during each day, of each week, of each month, of this and every year. While we may not see visible signs of immediate transformation, the daily washing of the Word, will happen over time, and bless those who obey it.

Oh Most Merciful Father, Maker of Heaven and earth and the One True Judge of all, help us to see ourselves in the Light of the purifying Word of God, that when we stand before You, on that great and glorious Day of the Lord, we will reflect the Righteousness of Christ, our Lord and Savior and found in Him. Lord, You are the Author of Truth and You will hold all mankind to the Plumb Line of that Truth. In our daily lives, from this day forward, may our every thought and action be in full alignment of this Word so that no fault will be found in us, on that Day. Be with us, guide us, direct us, teach us, let Your Spirit protect us and help us to take every thought captive that we can remain irrevocably surrendered to Your Will for our lives, each and every day, in Jesus’ Holy Name. Search every corner of our hearts, minds bodies and souls and if anything be found which is not of You, we repent of it and remove it from us as far as the East is from the West. We ask all of these things, now and forever, in Jesus’ Holy Name, amen and amen

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