Wednesday, March 10, 2021


Be diligent and do not be lazy; be enthusiastic in spirit; be working for your Lord….Romans 12:11 (Aramaic Bible…Jesus spoke Aramaic!)

CONSIDER THIS: You almost never see the word “LANGUOROUS” anywhere, but we do what it means. In a land where celebrity, culture and entertainment triumphs uber alles (over all else), the word basically means to be “lying around, chilling (or chillaxing), and just being a leisurely state of mellow… a sense, of a little more than usual. For a country that has the well-deserved historical reputation of hard work and enterprise, however, Americans are surprisingly spiritually lazy! Some of it comes from human nature, whereby we feel we gave it all at the “office” so there is nothing left for God…the other part is lack of church leadership, as well as a “entertain me”/entitlement kind of mentality which is now church wide. None is a valid excuse. Spiritual Laziness is a blight on our souls and an unpleasant aroma unto the Lord. Isn’t it time, now, at the start of a brand new year to – CUT IT OUT?!

ACTION: God said “Act like men (and women)….of the Kingdom”! If you and I are serious about obeying God, we will obey these commands with DUE DILIGENCE and with ENTHUSIASM and be found WORKING for Him until we see Him in Glory. Jesus and the Father are constantly working. Less than 1% of Christians can be found even in their own community doing Kingdom work or loving on folks for Jesus. Re-evaluate this week, do a soul check and talk to a busy Christian friend about what you can do to help out.

Father in the Name of Jesus, the Bible tells us to be watchful and be on the alert and other such commands. Your Word tells us to be focused and diligent in seeking the Kingdom. That does not mean we are not supposed to have family and leisure or down time. However, Lord, it does mean, You want us to be mindful of what You consider important so we do not allow the fleshly, soft, comfortable and deceptive things in this world, distract us from what is truly important or capture our hearts so we end up with divided loyalty. Help us this week, the brand new week, to keep our eyes on the Prize, not the devil’s lies and to keep this verse in mind for the rest of this year that “The Eyes of the Lord runneth to and fro across the whole world in search of those whose hearts are loyal to Him”. May we be found in this way, in Jesus’ Name amen.

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