Monday, March 15, 2021


 “Behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age….Matthew 28:20

CONSIDER THIS: The word “BEHOLD” appears in the Bible (the universally accepted King James…and other versions) over 1320 times! The word means to fix your attention (eyes, mind etc) on something; to fix your eyes upon or to direct your fixed gaze to! The great John the Baptist said “BEHOLD, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world”. The brutal Pontius Pilate said “BEHOLD The Man!” Are you beholding the Man – Christ Jesus today? Is not just your Sunday gaze, but is your Monday-Saturday night gaze, mind, body, soul and every fiber of your being in the manifest presence of Jesus Christ and the Beauty and Majesty of Him Who sits on the Throne?

ACTION: Being in the manifest presence of the Lord – Jesus Christ – is only possible on this side of heaven, if one is filled with the Holy Spirit. Being filled with the Holy Spirit means only one thing – a person’s sins are forgiven and we are born again. Therefore, since we have the Spirit of Christ in us through being redeemed/saved/rescued by Him, our only way to being found in His image is through knowing Him more and more each day. It is a process, a marathon and something which will take us right up until our final breath. This requires an intentional walk closer and closer to Him through reading and learning the Scriptures – the Bible and through daily prayer and devotion to Him, in thought, word and deed. The task today, if we have completely not gotten in the swing of it, the previous 22 days of the 31 days of Prayer, is to firmly set this goal before us and start moving the very next minute towards it. It is as easy as backing out of the driveway unto the street in the morning. It will require the foot on the gas pedal of active faith, from here on out.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, we pray that You firm up our resolve in this way, that we may not only know that we are saved and a follower of Jesus Christ, but we will know, for certain, that we are walking in His Will, but seeking His Presence in EVERYTHING we do each and every day, no matter how small or large we think the thing is. Lord, help us to be more like Jesus. We love, adore and glorify His Precious and Holy Name, amen and amen.

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