Friday, July 4, 2014

777 - SEVEN DAYS OF PRAYER (JULY 1-7, 2014)

DAY 4 (JULY 4, 2014):

One cannot truly understand any type of freedom without grasping the concept of Deliverance. All peoples everywhere yearn to be "free" - free to live their lives; free to walk their streets; free to raise their kids; free to move from place to place....and just free to conduct themselves in the manner which seems appropriate.

The purposes of man sometimes work against this kind of universal freedom because the worldly, who seek power, also seek to oppress and dominate others, in order to exercise that power. We see this in the godless (and deadly) centuries of oppression of Communism, socialism, national socialism (Nazis), and other forms of pagan idolatry and tyranny. These godless philosophies of the god of this world - Sin, the Flesh and the devil - have nothing to do with the purity and passion of the Freedom which comes from Christ, the Son of God.

God's Freedom and "freedom" given by men are two completely different entities. The difference could not be more obvious. 
God's Freedom is called Deliverance. Man's "freedom" is called dependency. 
God's Freedom is about "setting the captives" free. Man's "freedom" is control and confiscate. 
God's Freedom allows the person to soar to be the best they can be. Man's freedom gives just enough largesse to captivate the individual into conformity to the corruption of this world. 
God's Will and Freedom is about transforming by the "renewing" of the mind (Romans 12:2). Man's Freedom is mind control and ultimate destruction of the human soul. 
Which would you rather possess?

Scriptures says "he whom the Son sets free, is free indeed" (John 8:36), because it was "for Freedom, that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1). Jesus Christ, the Son of God has set us free by this single act 2000 plus years ago when an event happened in Bethlehem where the Majesty of Heaven was revealed in the little baby Who grew up to give us the blueprints of Freedom. He gave us those blueprints in the Gospel of the Kingdom, that if we repent, and believe it and accept His sacrifice on the Cross, we too will be saved, by putting our complete Faith alone in Him for our deliverance.

So Father, in the Mighty Name of that Jesus, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, of Whom the Scriptures spoke from Genesis to Revelation, I thank You for setting this captive free! I thank You for the saving power of the Cross which offers the only true Hope for all mankind for all time, that if we would just see beyond our own myopic vision, we can see Your wonderful plan to rescue humanity.

I thank You for that same rescue from the bondage of sin....from the bondage of the cycle of despair....from the bondage of the circle of corruption and the vortex of fleshy desires, dependency and degradation. I think You for setting me from my inaccurate notions about the true nature of You, Heavenly Father. 

You set me from the misleading interpretations of those who do not have Your interests at heart and who therefore, seek to give glory to themselves...a glory they seek for their own goodness and profit and not the Glory and Power of the Kingdom. I thank You for therefore setting me on the right track of truly understanding your character and amazing attributes that I can more accurately interpret Your Word; more correctly seek You in Prayer and more purposefully WORSHIP You in Spirit and in Truth.

Thank You, Father, oh most Righteous and Holy God, for the covering You have provided, through the Full Armor of God in Ephesians 6, where You have equipped us to stand against the pagan gods of this world in high offices, from academia, all the way down to politics, whose plans do not ever line up with Yours. 
Thank You for the Helmet of Salvation. Thank You for the Breastplate of Righteousness. Thank You for the Belt of Truth and the Shoes of the Gospel. Thank You for the Shield of Faith and the Sword of the Spirit because those Supernatural life-giving/freedom-believing resources enable us to continue to be free from sin, the flesh and the devil while living in this perishing world, so that we may share that good news with those who see the same deliverance You have given to us.

We thank You, oh most Gracious and Loving God, that You have allowed the great country of America to be the beacon of human freedom it has been for 200 plus years and the example, until recent decades, of Christian virtue and ethics. 
We thank You for the fruited plains; the magnificent mountains; the spectacular oceans and lakes; the lush food baskets which feed the world and the bustling industries, shipyards and freight trains which move the engine of economic freedom. 
We thank You for the men and women who toil in the financial sectors; the hospitals; the services industries; the over the road trucking outfits and the schools' and colleges. Most of all we thank You for the homes You have so freely provided if we work hard and play by the rules of God and man. All of this was only possible because of Your Grace, oh God, Your Grace. 
We thank You for our families and spouses and children and grand-children and extended families that grew this country from day one. We know oh Lord, that men and women, who are not of You, have these God-ordained institutions targeted for destruction, for the glory of themselves and their father - the god of this world. But You, Oh God of all Heaven and Earth and the Universe, are a patient and long-suffering God. Therefore, we surrender this now into Your Mighty Hands.
We repent of our part in any of this and turn back to You right now, humbling ourselves; seeking Your Holy Face and praying that You would hear from Heaven. Keep us Free oh God, in this world, as You already have ordained, by bringing us into the Eternal Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom all Power and Glory now belong - now and forever more, amen.

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