Wednesday, July 2, 2014

777 - SEVEN DAYS OF PRAYER (JULY 1-7, 2014)

DAY 2 (JULY 2, 2014):

Peter, the man with the "keys to the Kingdom of Heaven" (which is actually the Living Word of God" in the most stirring sermon by any mortal man, in an act of divine revelation, called Jesus "The Author of Life" in Acts 3:15. The man who ran like a coward and denied Jesus three times when the high priest of Israel had Him arrested, was now boldly preaching Christ in the marketplace, as an example for us to proclaim the Word of Life. (Thousands were convicted and saved that very day).

The word Author is translated from the original Greek word "arch├ęgos" which the Holy Spirit put in there to designate Jesus as  the Originator, the Founder, the Leader, the Predecessor, the Creator of Everything. We know that He is the Word. We know that Jesus is the Word Who was with God. We know He is the Word Who IS God. We know He is the Creator of ALL things so let's go directly into prayer at this time:

Most Holy and Righteous Father, I thank Thee on this very day for the Life You have breathed into me, which is meant to glorify You in every way. I thank Thee for Thy Grace which thought of me...and everyone around me which brought this entire paradigm into being, for such a time as this. Lord, I thank You for Your Son - Jesus Christ - the Way the Truth and the Life. I have Life today, because of Him. I have breath today because of Him. I have Eternal Life as well as physical Life today, because of Him.

I have Liberty today, because of Him. I have bread today because of Him - not just the bread that temporarily feeds the body, but the living Bread that nourishes and feeds the soul. Oh living Word of Life, the grave could not keep the King and the Universe cannot contain Your Glory. I magnify, glorify and cry out in praise this very day to the Heavens in gratitude for the Life You have given,

Most merciful and compassionate God, Your blessings are for all generations, Your compassion never ceases, they are new every morning. Even when I fall short of Your Glory, Your irresistible Grace aboundeth. Even when I fail to see the Majesty and Splendor around Your throne, because I look around instead of UP, Your Love draws me in. Even when I followed a path You did not set, Your Spirit guided, provided and protected me back into alignment that the very angels of Heaven were sent to watch over me in my failures. In my sin you rescued me. From my Egypt, You delivered me. From my woe, You encouraged me. From my despair, You lifted me. From my own wilderness of Zin, You directed me. From my loneliness, You gave me love. From my hopelessness, You gave me hope....and from my dark night of the soul - YOU GAVE ME JESUS!

Lord, most Holy God, You are the only Way, not just to Heaven, You are the only Way to live daily. You are the only Way to live righteously. You are the only way to live a productive life as a member of the fellowship of the that while we live in this world, we will not be conformed to this world.

Lord, most Holy God, You are the Truth. Your executor in Jerusalem Pilate asked you "what is Truth"? There is none truer that You. Your Word can be trusted. Your Word can be proven. The perishing world which denies you proves You daily by not just archaeological finds which confirm the Scripture but gives us the Hope that You can be believed. 

Lord, most Holy God, You are the Life - the Giver of Life and the Author of Life. Oh Living Savior, Who sits on the very Throne of Heaven, I worship and adore you and thank You for as the Scripture in Hebrews 12 as I fix my
 "eyes on Jesus, the Author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God". Thank You Lord, as that Author of Life. Thank You Lord, as the Author and Perfecter of the Faith You have given me, for writing my name in YOUR BOOK OF LIFE. Thank You! I bless and praise Your Holy Name and bow before You in gratitude and awe, in the Strong and Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

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