Tuesday, July 1, 2014


DAY ONE (JULY 1, 2014):
When Anne Graham Lotz (daughter of the great Evangelist Billy Graham) introduced 777 - "An Urgent Call to Prayer",  it marked the first national call to Prayer and Repentance from any national recognized ministry or church leader in a long time. For troubled times like these, this Call could not be any more timely.

While prayer is beneficial to a people and for the personal growth of those called by God, it remains the only line of Communication from the created to our Creator God in Heaven. Prayer still remains the only way we build our love and relationship with Abba Father above. Prayer has been given to us as the modus operandi to enhance our fellowship with "oh, what a Friend we have in Jesus". Prayer still remains the only way to seek forgiveness for our sins -personal and corporate - and to be forgiven by the Father and Judge of the Universe.

Anne Graham Lotz laid out these three purposes as we proceed as individuals to deepen our prayer life and strengthen our walk with Jesus Christ, over these next seven days:
·     For God the Father to restrain, protect, and deliver His people from the evil that has come into our world.
·     For God the Son to be exalted, magnified, and glorified in His church, in our nation, and in our lives.
·     For God the Holy Spirit to fall on us in a fresh way, compelling the church to repent of sin and our nation to return to faith in the living God, resulting in a great national spiritual awakening.
These are worthwhile objectives to keep in mind, but as we begin any prolong period of focused prayer, as we have done several times in recent years on this blog - THE WRITE STUFF - we MUST begin by acknowledging His Sovereignty, His Majesty and His Power.
So as we begin this brief journey together, let us worship His Majesty:
Father God, in Jesus Strong and Mighty Name, I say like Job (Chapter 42) did 
“I know that You can do everything, that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted." You are all Powerful, all Magnificent, all Glorious, all Knowing, all Sovereign and all Righteous.
Lord, Your Power and Glory has been seen for all generations for all times. You are the Creator and Commander of the Universe. You are the Foundation of Time and the Diviner of All Truth. Nothing came into being or was or is or will be unless YOU, My Father, said so. Nothing lives or dies or flourishes, unless YOU, My Father, grant grace, breath and life according to Your Perfect Will and Wonder.

There is no one greater than You.
There is no one stronger than You.
There is none more righteous than You.
There is none more Holy than You.
There is none like You. 
Therefore Most Holy and Righteous  Father, and as Job said in verse 6 (Chapter 42), I detest myself and my sin and repent in dust and ashes. I am not worthy to be in Thy Holy Presence. I am like filthy rags and have become undone, as Isaiah was when he saw the King. I am a man of unclean lips. We are people of unclean lips and unwashed hearts and yet, You still listen and love and grant us life and liberty.

Lord, I acknowledge You, adore You, glorify and thank You. I worship and bow down before You and praise You Holy Name, on this blessed day You have given. Father in addition to our daily conversations with You, may these next seven days be an extra offering from us, Your people, as we cry out to You for a special dispensation, for such a time as this, in Jesus Holy and Most Powerful Name, amen.

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