Sunday, May 19, 2013


The stench of scandals permeates every fiber of an America. There are military scandals. There are political scandals. There are celebrity sex and perversion scandals. There are the IRS Audit scandals.  The biggest scandal of all is that America, which likes to boast that it is Christian country unfortunately, cannot see that its spiritual soul is sinking into a bottomless pit worse than the Titanic. One of the newest ones is these politically-motivated audits. However, as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, concerned with the immortal souls of my fellow human being, it is my duty to redirect the issue of audits. 

This may seem hokey to some, but one day every human being ever born, will be audited  by his/her Creator. The Bible says it is appointed once for a man to die and then comes the Judgment. (Sorry, re-incarnation devotees)....and  no apologies to the Evolution crowd - the Big Bang you will be hearing on that Day, will be His Gavel of Justice! In light of this upcoming Audit of Audits, or as the military talking heads call it "The Mother of All Audits", I ask the question to anyone reading this "WHAT IF JESUS AUDITS YOU RIGHT NOW"? After all, the Bible, which most Americans still say they believe in, says "examine yourself daily to see if ye be in the Faith"!

Just briefly, What If Jesus Audited Christians:

- Under Exodus Subchapter 20 Paragraphs 1-17, you (and I) have violated each of the 10 statutes during our lives. Do you deny that Romans Sub 3 Paragraph 23 says that "ALL have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God"?
- If you agree with the above, now, are you seeking a pardon from the Commander of the Universe, Who sent the Judge Advocate - Jesus Christ to die on a Cross on April 7, 30AD. If this plea bargain is not agreed to, do you know the result with be weeping and gnashing of teeth FOREVER, in a place called hell?
- Knowing this, have you sought and received that pardon and on your spiritual 1040 Form, can you check and sign under penalty of Judgment that you saved ?
- And if this plea agreement is valid and sealed, are you now walking in obedience?
- If Jesus audited you right now, would He find you in prayer...praying more than the average American christian ( ONE MINUTE PER DAY)
- If Jesus audited you right now, would He find you in the Bible and with a Biblical worldview (only 9% of American adults and 1% of young people 18-34).
- If Jesus audited you right now, would He find you raising your kids as He told you in Deuteronomy 6? ....(sidebar with your attorney "What is Deuteronomy 6" you asked? How did God say I was supposed to raise my kids, you say as you never heard that in church...when you go? Well, then, WATCH THIS VIDEO:

- If Jesus audited you right now, would He find your walking in personal righteousness?
- If Jesus audited you now, would He find you going into the world outside your door and sharing the Good News with your friends, neighbors, co-workers or even the cashier at the gas station?
- If Jesus audited you right now, would you change the TV channel right now to TBN or you don't care if He sees you watching ESPN and Golf all day while your children go into the world to be swallowed up? Or are you even watching filth on the internet grieving the Spirit of God?
-If Jesus audited you right now, could you say that when you had a chance to proclaim the Name of Jesus before men, at peril to yourself, that you did? (Re: If you deny Me before men, I will deny you before My Father...Ref: Code Book 38, Matthew Subchapter 10, Para 33).

You get the point. This could be a thorough audit by Jesus....and you should welcome it. If you dare to sue about this audit, first of all - good luck and secondly, you were never His in the first place. But if you welcome it as we all do and love Him more, it PROVES we are His because the Book of Hebrews Chapter number 12 and verse 6 says "those whom the Lord loves, He disciplines".

So what about the other people - Presidents, Prime Ministers, Sheiks, Tyrants, Dictators and Kings? 

What about Congressmen/women, judges, governors, mayors, aldermen and school board members? 
What about low life celebrities from Hollywood, pop music etc? 
What about sports celebrities (except Christian brother Tim Tebow) or NBA has-beens who have to make headlines with their "lifestyles" rather than their talent? 
What about charlatan preachers who tell poor people to send in and "sow a seed"...which they promptly sow because they too, want a BMW, a fancy suit and two beautiful women outside of their marriage? 
What about all of this? What would THEY do if Jesus audited them?

They will do, and have done several things since Bible the following:

They tried to build a tower up to heaven so they could be just like God....just like their father tried before he was kicked out of heaven (Read Isaiah 14:12-20 here).
They have partied all night, drinking booze out of articles from God's temple until they saw the Handwriting on the Wall (Read Daniel 5 here).
They have blasphemed Him in their speeches and policies
They have blamed Him on their newscasts, college campus faculty lounges and textbooks.
They have blocked Him from schools; banished Him from the public square; belittled Him everywhere.
They mandate sex training to kindergarten age children and call it education. 
They mandate abortion pills be paid for by Christian employers; Bible publishers and more and call it healthcare.
They mandate chaplains quit praying in the Name of Jesus but allow followers of a pagan moon god to bow down to their rugs five times per day facing east...and call that tolerance....and on and on.

Yet even those people can pass an Audit by the Audit Commissioner of Eternity - King Jesus.

They too can taste eternal life and heaven, if they submit their pride and hatred for the Savior and see themselves as He sees them - unrepentant sinners who are headed for hell. If they then repent, cry out to Him - the real God, not some made up form of ungodly spirituality...if they do that, and ask for friends, the greatest persecutor of the church - the Apostle Paul - was forgiven! 

Anyone who calls upon the Name of the Lord, is truly repentant and wants to submit to His Lordship in their lives WILL BE SAVED. They will be saved and pass His Audit on their lives if they are for real.

Are you? What if Jesus audits you today, can you pass it too?

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