Thursday, January 24, 2013


Most Christians associate the word "Glory" with God. This is as it should be. But what does Glory mean. What does it mean when a song's lyrics rise up in your heart even as you prepare the meet the challenges of this day? Well the English online dictionary has the following definitions of "GLORY":
glory [ˈglɔːrɪ]
 1. exaltation, praise, or honour, as that accorded by general consent the glory for         the exploit went to the captain
2. something that brings or is worthy of praise (esp in the phrase crowning glory)
3. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) thanksgiving, adoration, or worship glory be to God
4. pomp; splendour the glory of the king's reign
5. radiant beauty; resplendence the glory of the sunset
6. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) the beauty and bliss of heaven
7. a state of extreme happiness or prosperity
(Source - the Free Online Dictionary)

The Hebrew word from the Bible, which is what we are really MORE interested in, is tremendously beautiful. The word is "Kavod". Now this is very interesting concept. Kavod literally means "armaments"! As in the battlefield gear covering the Lord God or YAHWEH (Jesus). That tells me all I need to know about, love about and have a righteous and Holy fear about in God - He is a Warrior, He is not to be trifled with and He is serious about Who He is.

Most Christians sleepwalk through their lives not knowing fully, this God. They know the Western God Who will overlook any and every transgression. But here are some examples of the Warrior in Him:
Psalm 3:3 says the Glory (Kavod) of God is His Shield
Psalm 24:8 we read "who is this king of the kavod, YHWH is strong and mighty, YHWH is mighty in battle."
Job 29:20 associates His Glory (Kavod) with His "Bow" - a weapon!
Exodus 16:7 says "In the morning you will see the glory of the LORD, because he has heard your complaints, which are against him, not against us. What have we done that you should complain about us?" This means - He will deal with these people, and you will not just His Power but His fury in dealing with this situation.

The thing to ponder this day and always, is what does the glory of God really mean to us, to our spirit? Are we in a place - through obedience, prayer, fasting and submission where we are so tuned in to His Spirit that when He speaks, we instantly perk up and listen? OR are we in a place almost of the unredeemed - floundering, rebelling and almost shaking our fist at Him?

This is not the way to God. Beholding His Glory is the True Mark of a believer, a follower and the man or woman. Capturing the TRUE meaning of His Glory is the TRUE mark of the person who is serious about seeking after Him. Amen

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