Saturday, January 19, 2013


DUCK DYNASTY is not just one of the most popular shows on TV but is at least one thing... something you can feel good about, in today's culture! The most unlikely of success stories for a mainstream television network- Arts and Entertainment (A & E), the every day activities of the Robertson family down in Louisiana. The family became multi-millionaires at the family business (DUCK COMMANDER) and started off as a show on, of all places - iTUNES!! Yes, iTunes! It is easily recognizable by the use of the theme song of some other bearded wonders ZZ TOP's Sharp Dressed Man!

It is the most beloved and fasting growing - in popularity and following - of any show on American television, since it was first aired on regular TV in March 2012.  What makes this show appealing though, is not what you see on other reality shows....what makes this show the most watched show on US TV is the family values and Bible based underpinnings of it. Even with the crazy stuff you see on it, it is all in good nature, fun and geared towards the love of family and others! 

Also, what most of their almost 5 million viewers (even more than the O'Reilly Factor) don't realize, is how serious these men are about their faith in Jesus. Here is just a taste from Willie, as he gives a brief testimony to his old college audience at Harding U, a couple months ago - 

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