Monday, January 21, 2013


At the start of each year, the entire world begins making "New Year's resolutions" that the majority may have intentions of keeping - but don't! They don't because mortal men and women are inherently weak and sinful...and we will remain that way, until Jesus calls us Home. If we are saved, as many of us are - we go to be with Him in glorious eternity. The majority of mankind has turned its back on the Savior - Jesus, and will therefore spending an eternity of separation.

All mankind, however, have the exact same promises from a Holy, Righteous and completely Just God. He gave them to us in Psalm 37. In this almost four year old Public Access program from the earlier versions of my now Christian Television Network Bible teaching show (at WLCF TV) - Plumbline - I examine this wonderfully and chock full of promises, Psalm 37 to show just how Truthful, Joyful, Hopeful our God really is! Because of His attribute of Holiness, He can be depended on and relied open and stayed upon! Glory to His Name as you give a listen! Amen.

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