Sunday, January 20, 2013


The timing of the new novel - VIRTUALLY MINE by Emmy award winner and Director/Writer Susan Rohrer is incredible! We are in the middle of a national scandal involving an "Imaginary Girlfriend" with a Notre Dame college football player and we're only a few weeks away from Valentine's Day! VIRTUALLY MINE is about a honest, clean-living small town values young woman named Kate Valentine, who is waitressing in Southern California while doing auditions to get some work on screen and film. In order to make her clued-out boyfriend jealous, Kate decides to call up a match-making service to hire an "Imaginary Boyfriend" after seeing a brochure from a service. The brochure is slipped under her door by the apartment manager Charles...who "coincidentally enough" doubles as a tech/phone operator at this same match-making outfit! Charles comes from the same kind of background as Kate, but is also a pastor's son trying to make it out in the big bright lights completely away from dad - who would not approve of that job. However, Charles is the kind of guy we all root for in life as the 'underdog'. He becomes Kate's "Imaginary Boyfriend" who is not supposed to meet her in an almost Cyrano De Bergerac way, by using another man's face but his true heart!

Based on her screenplays, Susan Rohrer's Virtually Mine surrounds a host of characters, who at first seem completely independent of the storyline (some of whom seem to be pursuing their own selfish interests ). The small cast of characters share something in common - they're all looking for what God intended for us - relationships. Some are looking for it in all the wrong places like the owner of "Virtually Mine Service" - Samantha Raeza and in this book, one or two of countless cookie-cutter Ken and Barbie Doll types who populate that part of the country add a lot of context to the commentary around the storyline.

What Susan has down is take her experience as a Director of Film (About Sarah etc) and TV (Another Life) and weave the book into a beautiful ending! I love this ending because it ends the way it should - the good "guys" win!  This novel is a new thing for me. Susan Rohrer is the only person in this world, who can get me, a hard-nosed minister of the gospel, in Men's Ministry for almost two decades, to read especially, her last two books! Her previous offering "Merry's Christmas" and this one "Virtually Mine" are both family friendly, faith - led romance novels! I have never read books of this genre before.

However Ms Rohrer's books are completely different and extremely intelligent, humorous and efficiently written. They are also faith-based, life-like, funny, fast moving and takes the reader inside the story - all signs of an excellent screenplay! Virtually Mine is a Kindle ebook which are a lot easier and faster to read than a hard copy.  This is recommended, not just a book you should read and/or give as a Valentine's Day gift, but the outstanding Screenplay quality is perfect for a Hallmark Movie! If anyone reading this review has contacts at Hallmark - this is your next family romance movie for 2014!

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