Monday, February 22, 2021


 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded….James 4:8

CONSIDER THIS: Religiosity is described in the dictionary as “exaggerated or affected piety and religious zeal”. If you look up the word “affected”, it means “something done to impress others”. The “disease” which this word carries, is infectious. Yet if we REALLY follow the command above, we too can have the single exclusive blessings of True Christianity (which is GRACE) rather than two-faced religiosity, which leads to eventual destruction. Ask the Pharisees whom Jesus condemned in Matthew 23.

ACTION: Jesus told us to remove the log from our own eyes before looking at the log in another person’s eyes. Today, let us look in the mirror of our soul to discern if we are guilty of the same shortcomings of others whom we criticize for the same thing. Then repent at the Foot of the Cross and quit this sort of conduct, of accusing others, while we are just as doubleminded as they are.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, You know our every thought, action and intention. You search the hearts of men and women and most times, we fall short of the desired mark. Lord, today we ask that You reveal anything hidden, which we cannot see ourselves, because we are too busy looking at the things which others are doing, or not doing. In addition, help us not to be doubleminded as we put on fake faces in public of peace, tranquility and piety, when behind the scenes, when we are by ourselves, all kinds of unresolved or sinful things are going on. Lord, remove the fake religiosity in our lives, which can condemn as as Pharisees and may we be the same behind closed doors, as Christians, as we are in church on Sunday morning. May we be the walking definition of Spiritual Integrity, in Jesus’ Name amen.

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