Friday, February 5, 2021


 .”With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from Your commandments….Psalm 119:10

CONSIDER THIS: Man does not seek after God, the Bible says so. It is God Who pursues us, until we either respond or reject Him. In that case, how can David (who wrote Psalm 119 under the Power of the Holy Spirit) say that “I have sought thee”? How can we in our lost condition “seek God”? We simply cannot. Initially, it is the Lord Who seeks us out, gives us a clear view of Himself and then calls us to Salvation. After conversion, when He embeds His Holy Spirit in us, our spirit man then begins which should be a life-long pursuit of the Person and Character of God, in Christ.

ACTION: Looking at the Webster’s dictionary definition of the word “Pursuit”, we find the following synonyms: chasing, following, seeking, hounding, tracking, pursuing etc….all active and almost aggressive verbs. This is how we are to love God and it is the very first commandment (Love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength – Jesus 33 AD) Do you and I love God like this? Can we say with confidence that we press in daily to know Him better through prayer, supplication and the washing of the Word? The majority of us do not. Today, our assignment, so to speak, is to literally search our hearts to first, be assured of our identity in Christ and secondly, we need to embark on a consistent plan for becoming a true worshiper in Church, in lifestyle and in Truth….in an extremely proactive way. Apart from prayer, a great exercise would be to tune out the Oldies or Top 40 Secular radio station, and put on a worship CD in our cars, while going through one of those Daily One Year Bibles. THIS is the start of one major breakthrough in the pursuit of the Lord and Kingdom lifestyle.

Pray now: Father, in Jesus’ Name, I seek to not just acknowledge Your Manifest Presence but Your to dwell/abide/remain daily connected to You, in Your Power, oh Lord, and I pray for a burning passion in my soul, the clear pathway to holiness and an everlasting longing to persevere until the end, even when I do not feel like it. Lord give the resolve, strength and the heart to go on in prayer, the Bible and deeds along with the spiritual blinders I need to lessen my tendency when I am prone to wander off into a rabbit trail and trap set by the world. Thank You Lord for Your search and rescue mission for my soul, help me to pursue You and Your Word, daily, in Jesus’ Name amen.

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