Sunday, February 25, 2018


Bless the Lord, all you works of His, in all places of His dominion; bless the Lord, O my soul (Psalm 103:22)
The final verse of Psalm 103 returns to what is really important for us to learn, above all else, above the blessings, above the lessons, above the daily provision, above all, is, we are exhorted to “BLESS THE LORD”. That is, we are to remember, in the most humbling gigantic amount of gratitude, ALL He has done for us, all our lives. Then, we bless Him, by respect, awe, commitment, praise and worship.

As previously mentioned, verses 1-18, of Psalm 103, tells just some of not just the main benefits of being a Christian (the word benefits are actually used in Verse 2), but the results of what the Lord does for us.

When you look at the God has done – His Works, if you will – you and I would be more than hard-pressed to wrap our minds around it.  When we’ve been in heaven 10,000 years, bright shining as the sun, we would not be able to grasp the full measure of God and His Kingdom, even if we tried. It will take, literally an eternity, to grasp what He has done, and WHY!

There is so much to consider: Eternity Past will become clearer in the Eternal Kingdom (post the 1000 year Reign of Christ in Jerusalem). The Works of God in the Creation of the Angels and how the Fall happened. The Works of God in His most important work, which is the Creation of Planet Earth and all mankind will be taught. The Creation of human beings is the only time God ever regretted anything or became heartbroken at the evil conduct and beliefs of his Creation, for instance.

The Works of God will be explained in Eternity Future, when the Work of Christ on the Cross, which is referenced in Philippians Chapter 2, will become clearer.  The biblical word “propitiation” is used a couple times to explain God’s acceptance of Christ’s sacrificial death on the Cross. There is more to this act of Supreme Love.

A small portion of the universe can be viewed through the Super-telescope, the Hubble. There are magnificent worlds unseen which cannot be fathomed. This will become clearer. The Work and Hand of God created ALL of this…every single atom of it. There is no detail in the intricate design of man and cosmos, which is not conceived, planned and put into place by Him.

Because He creates and created through His hard work, He controls. He controls EVERYTHING – from the raincloud directly overhead right now, to the snowfall in Austria, Paris, and Minnesota. He controls the heat in the desert to the volcano in Hawaii. He can freeze the orange groves in Florida and steam up the cool woods of Vancouver.

God creates, controls and therefore is Sovereign. He owns everything and the creation cries out to Him for the soon coming day. His Dominion or Kingdom is all around you and I. We own nothing. We are temporary stewards. He provides for us, protects us, guides us and loves us.  We are temporary residents here on this, the most significant portion of God’s Dominion – Earth. It was and is so important, that God Himself willingly gave His very Life for rebels who live on this planet. On a soon coming day, God the Son - Jesus - will be sitting on the Throne in the new cleansed Temple in Jerusalem for 1000 years, while we live with Him on this same planet - Earth!

In light of ALL of this – God's Mighty Works and Dominion – if we are His; if we are born-again and His Spirit lives in us; if we stay close to the Flame daily; if we study the Bible and pray daily; if we are in fellowship in the local church; if we serve others and tell others about Jesus….if we do ALL of this, we cannot help but bust out in praise for His Wonderful Name! We cannot help but bless His Holy Name! We cannot help but see our souls crying out to the Lord “we gave You, and ONLY YOU, the Glory!” Amen and amen!

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