Sunday, February 23, 2014


Two brand new movie are due to hit the screens in the next two weeks. One is based on the Bible, the other one is Noah. The most important release is called "SON OF GOD", the Mark Burnett-Roma Downey movie, reflective of the phenomenal 2013 History Channel Series "The Bible". While that series "The Bible", contained some contextual errors, it reached a new generation which most of those criticizing the series will never reach.

Whenever the Word of God goes out into the atmosphere, great things happen - including spiritual warfare. A clash of systems is about to hit this planet when those two movies go public. Son of God tells the powerful story of Jesus Christ, the Son of God Who became Man, so He could identify with His Creation - thus willingly give His Life that He may SAVE those who repent and believe.
Son of God is produced by two solid Christian believers - Burnett and Downey (husband and wife) - who believe the Gospel as preached in Mark 1:15. Jesus sent John the Baptist ahead with the message of Repentance.......then in His first message of the Gospel of the Kingdom, He said plain "REPENT, BELIEVE the Gospel and BE SAVED". That is the order. Through this beautifully woven story of Love and Compassion that message comes through along with the word "RESCUE". Jesus basically came to rescue humanity with a free offer of Faith and Salvation. All we have to do is believe. 

Word of mouth will carry this movie to "Passion of the Christ" status - off the charts. After watching the entire Burnett-Downey "The Bible" series and following the worldwide reaction on Twitter especially....and combining that with the most popular smartphone/tablet app in the world YOUVERSION, interest in the timeless Word of God is now at a peak! This movie will take this interest to a new level. What makes this movie authentic is the humility of its producers, who surrounded themselves with prayer warriors and pastors looking to tell the true story.
What makes Noah, the next release, almost the Hollywood Dark Knight version of the The Flood, just plain wrong is the same thing on the other side. Son of God was done by Christians to tell the true story of Christ. Paramount seemed to have had good intentions to tell the amazing story of the Flood that wiped out rampant evil from the Earth, but Noah's Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky had other ideas. First of all, you don't win an Oscar in today's Hollywood by being fair and balanced to Christians and the Bible. We just saw what happened last month when the Oscars pulled the nomination of the only Christian-based song, for song of the year, because the nominee was doing what every other nominee does - campaign to make the song known!

Secondly Aronofsky's mission seems to be modern American low-rent lies and political correctness. It is not accident this movie looks like one of those Batman Dark Knight episodes, starring a man who hates God - Russell Crowe, who does NOT look 500 plus years old. We know that God had promised that He would not destroy the earth until the great Methuselah died. In fact the name Methuselah means "his death shall bring Judgment"! This Hollywood "dark knight" version is more about the leftist's favorite religious cult of "environmentalism and overpopulation"....or "climate change and abortion"! What in the world does this have to do with the account that begins in Genesis 6??!!
Modern pagan American subjects like Climate Change and "overpopulation" are absolutely 180 degrees out of phase with the Biblical account of Noah.  Hollywood and their morally and intellectually vacant amen corner in the mainstream media, see nothing wrong with that they do and did (so far) in this movie. They think we Bible-believing Christians should just be grateful for the occasional bone and go out in droves to see their "masterpieces". What they don't seem to fully realize we take EVERY word of the Book SERIOUSLY! Every word was put there by the Lord for a reason. 

There are more Bible based movies to come apart from these two, in coming months. The next major one is EXODUS (the story of Moses) starring Christian Bale and another called Mary, Mother of God with Ben Kingsley. We shall see how these pan out. In the Christian world, movies rise or fall on word of mouth.  When Noah (and others come out, we shall see what the "word on the street is"). I plan to see both, to be both fair and authentic, as far as any criticism of Noah. Paramount is nervous about any backlash and may be correcting course on this as we speak. So all of this public discourse on the Noah Movie pre-pub could result in a better movie. Let's hope....

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