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NOTHING FROM NOTHING LEAVES NOTHING actually part of a lyric from the old Billy Preston song "Nothing from Nothing" (1975). This word from the "Fifth Beatle", who was given that title due to the few gigs he had with the British pop group aptly described what the "Big Bang" is really all about.  

Fresh on the heels of the great Creationism debate between Answers in Genesis/Creation
Photo from Answers in Genesis
Museum Founder Ken Ham and the former engineer from Boeing and well known atheist Bill Nye, the former TV Science Guy, the debate on Creation, Evolution and the Big Bang is raging once again. This is a debate which will never die or go away, until the Return of Jesus Christ removes all doubt - literally!

What is particularly troubling to many of us who personally know and believe the Literal Truth of God and His Word is not the insults from Bill Nye that we put our faith in an ancient text written in "American English", but that so many self-described Christians think they can believe in both Creation and Evolution. While Bill Nye is blaspheming the Lord by repeatedly doing the exact thing the pharisees did, before Jesus condemned them all in Matthew 23, people who say they are Christians are denying the Word themselves, when they - like those in the Emergent Church - say it is "the Bible plus" or "Jesus plus"...evolution.

A. To walk in the two worlds, which modern liberals in the church have to do, in order to hold that belief, rejects the Creation story of the Book of Genesis. Right off the bat, under terms of logic, this discounts the rest of their so-called belief if they then claim to believe only Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount" or their selective out-of-context "judge not less ye be judged" or 1 Corinthians 13 "The Love Chapter".  The man or woman who rejects Christ outright is actually more honest than this kind of "a la mode" Cafeteria Christianity. In order words, there is no such thing as selective belief in the Word of God. Why? Jesus is the Word (Logos) and it is written in John 1, 1 John 1 and Revelation 19:13. The written Word of God is true. It is 66 books written over a period of 1600 yeras by 40 authors, most of whom did not know each other. It is one seamless proven story from beginning to end - about the same Person - Jesus!

B. To walk in two worlds, modern and misled evangelicals have to have bought into the lie that you can influence the culture by "lifestyle" when the opposite happens. They buy this lifestyle lie because they do not know the Truth of Jesus, or are afraid to mention the Name of Jesus, or in most case - don't even know Jesus as Lord and Savior! These young people have been indoctrinated into believing in evolution and modern philosophy are truer than the air they breathe and are not even allowed to think critically anymore. The majority are taught not to question where these things came from, because "the evolution matter is "settled"". They do not even know that the Father of Evolution - Charles Darwin, a failed seminary student, said repeatedly in his THEORY that "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. But I can find out no such case...(while trying to figure out the complexity of the human eye).

They do not know that some of the biggest villains in history misused Darwin's theory to justify their agendas - from Margaret Sanger (who started Planned Parenthood), to Adolph Hitler in his book "Mein Kampf" to Eric Harris and Dylan Kleybold who are still talked about almost two decades after their 1999 shooting spree at Columbine High School in Colorado. Both young men wore T shirts which had Darwin's "Natural Selection" written on it.
Watch this video from Ken Ham "Where Darwin did go wrong":

They do not know the made up hoax about the "Missing Link" or the PILTDOWN MAN, one of the biggest lies in human history. This is from my own blog post on "Seven Things God Hates" (click here)The Piltdown Man is one of the longest run false testimonies ever about the origins of man. The Word clearly states that it was God Who made man in His own image. In the same way, a man named Charles Dawson created his own false mechanism. The fraud which last for more than 40 years - the longest running "scientific" falsehood in history - began when Dawson said he was "given" the remains of a "being" found in the quarry at Pilton, Sussex County in India. These remains of the secular "being" confirmed to some that here indeed was the "missing link".

For four decades - lies after lies after lies abounded in the scientific/academic community.  All kinds of study and illogical reasoning were imputed to this so called Piltdown Man. That is, until the quiet investigation of this led to a big exposure in 1953 in TIME magazine. The Piltdown man was the Hoax of the Century! For four decades, the world's academic community thought their "missing link" of the bridge between apes and humans had been found. IT TURNED OUT TO BE NOTHING MORE THAN A WELL CRAFTED, DECEPTIVELY FILED AND STAINED PARTS OF A FULL DEVELOPED 600 year old HUMAN SKULL AND A JAWBONE OF AN ORANGUTAN!!! It was carefully crafted to be a false witness to the lie of evolution, against the Truth of Creation.

When you teach a kid the demonic lie that they are descended from an ape, when no such proof exists and never will, you are actually oppressing the soul of a your fellow human being and destroying his/her self-worth as a loved and valued child of God. If you wish to know why there is so much hopelessness in western society - the richest and most advanced ever on this planet - look no further than their lack of Faith in the real Creator Who does not make junk or mistakes. Unfortunately for these many alive today, and those yet to be born, there are not many pastors/teachers or men like Ken Ham, Ray Comfort or Eric Hovind who will speak the Truth to these wonderful young folks, even if it means being called a crazy person by liberal people in bow ties and the media.

C. To walk in the world, modern evangelicals (since we already lost the liberal church to secular society) have to believe the lie of the "The Big Bang". The story of how a Jesuit priest from Belgium - Monsignor Georges Lemaitre - came to develop, promote and have his fiction validated by people who should know better, is both too long and stunning to include here.(Click here to read the full account). The only thing we need to know about Lemaitre and those who bought into this insult against Holy God - this: Lemaitre did NOT believe the Book of Genesis was literal about Creation! This is correct - a priest who did not believe the most crucial part of the Bible....the same Book of the Bible which contains the very signature of God the Creator right off the bat in Genesis 1:1 (see below) the letters Aleph Tav (e t).

The fact that Lemaitre's Big Bang theory is now being used to brainwash society, defies logic and just plain old common sense. Forget all the expanding universe and his math formula debates with Albert Einstein and his experiences with Hubble. In fact, I think Eric Hovind did the best job explaining what certain religious theologians have to twist their unbiblical selves in a knot to try to defend. Please watch this one (1) minute video:

Ken Ham in his debate with the contentious Bill Nye on February 4 (you can watch his debate here) had one purpose in mind, which was to defend the basis for Creationism.  He did that with civil finesse and showed the remarkable link between God and true science. The post debate discussion has now taken on a life of its own and while Nye was judge the winner on technical debate points on style, Ken Ham is now on the circuit delivering the good message of Creation, the Truth and Validity of the Bible and belief in Jesus Christ which underlies all of this...and could even be said to be winning the post debate by so doing! What is now taking place, is that the true story and science of Creation, the Big Flood, the Fossil Record and the myth of carbon-dating are now getting out there to those who have been getting only one side of the story, increasingly, for over half a century!

This can only be good...and is much needed in order that people can come to the beneficial (to their own eternal souls) realization that one cannot walk on both sides of this fence. We are either for God and His Word.....or we are with Bill Nye and the rest of secular western world.

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