Monday, April 26, 2021


Heavenly Father, as the final week of the first quarter of 2021 rolls on, we stand in awe of You and express total praise and gratitude at the reality of our Salvation! We recall the days, when we were without Christ, excluded from the citizenship of Heaven, and aliens to the Covenant of Promise. No matter what age we were, before we knew the Power of that Promise, we were dead to sin and headed to a place called Hell, reserved for the devil and his minions. We did not even know we were without Hope, without a Prayer, and without the one True God.

But now, because of the Cross, because we repented of our sins, because we bottomed out and ended up face down in the sick muck and mire of this corrupt world, and because You love us so much, You reached out Your Mighty Hand to us. Because when we were so far away from You, Your Grace, Your Love, Your Mercy, Your Compassion and the Precious Supernatural Blood of Jesus brought us up - and near to You, oh God!

You lifted us up from the miry clay. You set our feet upon the rock, like hinds feet. You put a new song in our mouths. A hymn of praise to our God, which we shall sing from Glory to Glory until we see Your Glory Face to face on the other side of Eternity. 
For that, oh Mighty King, we fall on our faces before You in humble worship, because You are worthy. 
We surrender the rest of our few days to You, because You are gracious.  
We commit those same days to the furthering of Your Kingdom's message here on earth, that all our own ends of the earth, even if it is across the street, because You are God.

Father, most Holy Father, we once were hostile to You, Who sit on the Throne, but because of the Atonement on the Cross, You took the Holy Law of Moses and replaced it with Christ, so that we, who trust and believe and accept Him as Lord, will have lives resulting in Peace. Thank You, most Precious Abba, for putting that hostility to death and for raising up the banner of Truth and Love, so that we - aliens in a foreign land - are no longer strangers and heathens in Your midst, but fellow citizens with the saints in Heaven who have gone before us.

So, Lord, as we go through our daily lives this week. As we pray and delight in the Law of the Lord, so that we can be like trees along the running brooks of water, give us a burden for whom You would like us to pray or fast for or reach out to, in our own Acts 1:8 paradigm, so that they too, can experience the love, mercy and kindness of our Jesus.

Help us to love with a perfect love, but also help us to do so in Truth, since Truth without love is deception. So Lord, as we come to thee with this burden on our hearts to see many come to repentance and faith, help us to share, teach and live this fact: 
That to come to You is to come home from exile.
That to come to You is to come to land out of the raging storm.
That to come to  You is to come to rest after long labor
That to come to You is to come to the goal of our desires and the summit of our wishes....the Goal of which is one Divine Person, Who will always be our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Your only Begotten Son. For it is in His Precious Name we pray today, amen and amen.

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