Wednesday, April 21, 2021


Our Heavenly Father in the Mighty Name of Jesus, today, we do not know what another day holds, oh Lord, but we know You do. You, Mighty Father, see the end from the beginning and You alone know the plans You have for us.

Plans for righteousness, if we accept the free gift of Grace and salvation.
Plans for holiness, if we reject the world and are not one with this perverse and perishing generation.
Plans for a peaceful life, if we do not complicate our personal, emotional, and spiritual lives by sinful living.
Plans for anointed living if we walk in Your ways and embed ourselves in Thy Holy and Precious Word – the Bible.
Lord, You did not give us a spirit of fear, but of boldness, courage, a sound mind, self-discipline and the Power to execute our appointed mission as Your bondservants until You call us Home. So, Lord, King of the Universe, teach us to number our days that we may have a heart of wisdom.
Teach us to seek wisdom, not from the sons of Baal in this corrupt world, who are everywhere in all their fake religions and philosophies, but teach us to ask of God, Who gives true, divine wisdom. We know all good things comes down from the Father of Lights, through His Holy Spirit Who lives in us to guide us into the paths of all truths, so we are not tricked by the cunnings of the devil who comes in so many deceptive ways.
Teach us to seek, and then, live disciplined lives so that we may not sin against Thee, so that we will comprehend the power of Thy wrath and resolve to lead many to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ that they may not face that wrath on Judgment Day.
Test our faith so that we may not be found wanting on That Day, but will make the necessary corrections now, to align ourselves with Truth, when the Holy Spirit convicts us that we have walked off the path, or misinterpreted something You said in Thy Word.
Let us not be like the fake Christians who populate Your pews on Sunday morning “looking for a Word from You”, when You already give us an ENTIRE 66 Books Instruction Manual from Genesis to Maps to guide us daily through the journey of life. Lord, may those people really examine themselves to see if they are even saved and in the Faith.
May the strong among us, give a helping hand to the weaker to enable them to comprehend that the Walk with Jesus is an intentional 100% commitment and nothing which can be compartmentalized into Sunday morning for one hour, then they can violate all Your commands the rest of the week and come back the next week looking “for another Word”! May not of them or us keep sinning that grace may abound, because in Your Eyes, cheap grace is non-existent.
But grant a spirit of Godly conviction and drawing unto Yourself, in these last days, so that those who appear to be in Your Body all of their lives but were never converted, those who even preached or taught or did music….help them to search their hearts oh Lord…and REALLY search their lives, oh God. Then, we ask that You reveal any short comings in all of their lives and ours and see if there is any wicked way in all of us. Then remove it completely and lead to life everlasting.
Lord, have compassion and mercy on Your persecuted around the world and those here, even in our own families, who need physical healing in their bodies from cancer, stroke, heart issues and Covid.
Give us hope each day this week and always that we may awake each day with joy, strength, and the will to persevere and win the battles which lie outside our door, knowing that You have already won that war for us.
Make us rejoice for as many days as You have humbled us in the days of adversity.
May Your handiwork be seen through us, Your servants’ hands by a lost, hurting, and confused world.
May Your mighty favor continue to be established all over the lives of Your humble servants, through our lives, our families and loved ones and those who are yet to taste of the goodness of our God, established once and for all by the Life and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ – the Ruler of all Heaven and Earth, and it is in His Precious Name we pray, amen.

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