Tuesday, April 20, 2021


Most Merciful Father in Heaven, You are the Source, Giver, Sustainer, Redeemer of all Life. We worship, adore, reverence and magnify Your Most Precious and Holy Name.

Father, we come to You on bended knee as Your children, washed by the Blood of the Lamb, seeking Your guidance, wisdom and direction as to the ways we should focus, or refocus our spiritual hearts to where You would like us to be.

Lord from the radiance of Your presence, the clouds flee, Moses turned his back, the stars fall before You, the thunder rolls and the lightning - they all declare Your awesome power. Even the waves cease their turmoil when Your Son commanded "Be still"!

There is none like You. Still in Your awesome Majesty, You reached down from heaven and pulled us out of the deep. The currents of sin were drawing us down into the depths of the pit. Yet You, oh God, in Your mercy, grace and long suffering, confronted the enemy and became our Support, our Help, our Salvation, our Sanctifier, our one True Hope and for that, today, tonight, always and forever, we are eternally grateful.

Father, embed Your Word in every fiber of our being.
Enable us to walk upright day after day, in a crooked and perverse generation.
Excite us daily in the joy of the journey with Jesus.

May we extol the virtues of the Savior in thought, word or deed.
May we examine also our hearts daily to see if we are indeed in alignment with Your Will.
May we eagerly serve one another as Christ came to serve.
May we elevate the Name of Jesus above every other name.
May we earnestly keep short accounts with You, that little sins do not turn into iniquity, and then rebellion which will cause harm to our families, friends and our Testimony to a sceptical and evil world out there.

Lord, may we remain faithful through thick or thin. Because to the faithful, You prove Yourself Faithful.
May we remain innocent in Your Holy Eyes, because to the pure, You prove Yourself pure.
May we pray our enemies into Your Mighty Hands, because to the crooked, You prove Yourself shrewd.

Lord, this week, we pray protection over the helpless that You be a refuge and a hiding place to them.
We pray perseverance to the saints all over the world and here in north American since You promised to be a Mighty Warrior to those who harm Your saints.

We pray provision for those who need Your lovingkindness and the hands and feet of Your Kingdom - Christians - to reach those in need.

Let our feet be as swift as the feet of a deer as You secure us on higher ground and may Your Mighty Presence - the Holy Spirit - Who lives in us, Your redeemed, draw us even closer, day by day, into the wonders of You, in Jesus' Strong Name, I pray, amen.

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