Tuesday, April 27, 2021


Most gracious God and Creator of the Universe, we lift up the Banner of the Risen Christ Who is seated on the right hand of the Throne, from whence He reigns forever and ever. We shout for Joy over His victory o’er the Grave. We sing new songs and hymns of praise to our God, with choruses of worship which echo back and forth throughout not just every galaxy of the Universe, but every corner of the Throne Room. For this is where the Cherub and Seraph sing and fly, back and forth, from eternity past to eternity future and sing “Holy, Holy, Holy”….for Holy are You, Almighty God, King of the Universe and all that there is.

At the start of a new week, we pray for a new beginning in many lives.
We pray for renewed relationships and restoration of broken ones.
We pray for broken hearts to mend and healing messages to send.
We pray for help to the hurting from the Sanctuary of Heaven.
We pray for those who are weighed down by circumstances that lead to depression and seasonal affective disorders.
We pray that this new season of Spring and the glory of the Risen Lord will light a spark where there may be just a few embers.
We pray that this spark will led to a flame....that this flame will lead to a fire…and raging fire that burns in the hearts of Your people.
We pray that this raging fire will turn into powerful passionate longings for the things of the Lord, for such a time as this.

May this fire burn and spread to our families, our loved ones, our friends and neighbors and through the Elect of Heaven that we can in turn, reach out and love the lost to Jesus – the Soon-coming-King! Hallelujah
Lord, the world takes pride in chariots. They are prideful about their horses. But we boast ONLY in the Name of the Lord, our God.
In due course, the world systems will collapse and be wiped away forever before the Holiness and Majesty of the Commander in Chief of Heaven’s Armies. But, we who are called by His Name will rise.
We shall stand firm and strong. Hallelujah. We shall NOT be moved.
We stand strong on the Word of God.
We stand without compromise on the word of our testimony.
We stand planted in cement under the blood-stained Cross of Christ, from whence our redemption cometh.
Father, if we stay faithful and persevere to the end, we know that You give victory to Your anointed. Let us then be resolved to fasten our seat belts, with the guidance and direction of Your Holy Spirit, Who abideth in us, and may we tighten our belts.

May we put on the helmet of Salvation; pick up the shield of Faith and wield the Word of Truth through all corners of our surroundings, with grace and love, yes but also mainly with Truth.
May we shout out loud and proclaim it from the mountain top, that Jesus Christ is Lord!
May we always live, this week and always knowing that The Lord Lives!
Blessed be my Rock and God of my Salvation to Whom, ALL the praise, ALL the honor, ALL the glory be given, now and forever more, in Jesus' Strong Name,

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