Sunday, March 11, 2018


Psalm 24:1...."The earth the Lord’s and its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein"

This is the dividing line. From the beginning of time, and the post-Noah flood, pagan religions have worshiped the creation instead of the Creator.  Blinded eyes exposed their hearts of stone, blind to the true nature of Faith. The result of earth “worship” is the millions of gods of one “religion”; the mysticism of New Age; the craziness of meditating on a fat guy with a bald head while dressed in an orange robe and more. The new earth religion is global warming or climate change, depending on how extreme the weather is.

All of this is idolatry and a huge usurping of the Sovereignty of Respect due God the Creator by modern-day earth “worshipers” do turn from the Truth.   The Truth is God owns ALL that we see before us. The big ball of dirt with water all around it, which hangs at a specific degree in mid-space and never EVER moves – He owns that. The world He created – trees, animals, life, human beings – He owns that too.  We are just speaking about the cosmos, which we can see on National Geographic or Google Earth. We do not even own our very lives. We are alive on His Time.  We live or dwell on this planet and even those who hate the Lord, are owned by Him.

The "fullness" is a reference to the obvious – there is nothing He is not Lord over. What should my response be? Whether I am a new Christian or have been working with Christ for 30-40 years, how this does affect my view of God, today, as I meditate and think about this truth?

Tip: Small view of God= small God. Big view of God = untold blessings.

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