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The urgency of the concern which most of us ministry leaders view the rise of the “Nones” (the new generation of millennials and other young folks, who believe in nothing) is addressed with flowing depth in “THE SIFTED GENERATION…Tested, Tried and Found True”  - the new offering by Pastor/Author Michael Henderson.

Apart from denominational leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention and other serious Bible-preaching churches, the George Barna Research group and some major non-profits, the lack of concern for the lost nature of most of the last two generations by the so-called Body of Christ in America and the West, is both stunning and predictable.  What Mr. Henderson does, with foundational backing from Scripture, is to present a completed and in-focus picture of the state of this Body (the church); the status of the Body and the very scary sifting which is to come.

This sifting, or separating, represents the stark and unbreachable gap between the true followers of Christ (orthodox Christians) and the goats (cultural professing Christians).  As I have described many times in this blog - (re: The Ostrich Syndrome and other things), the majority of so-called Christians have aligned themselves with secular humanist thinking that everything will “just work out in the end”. This man-made philosophy is found nowhere in the Word of God. What scripture is clear about and the author of SIFTED GENERATION expounds on is the devastating end of those who ignore the warnings of the Lord Himself, in person when He walked the earth 2000 years ago, and the New Testament He gave to all generations.  Author Mike Henderson methodically goes through the shifting and sifting loyalties and allegiances of those who call themselves Christians as well as those who are the true remnant (or sheep of the Great Shepherd, Jesus Christ).  Drawing from personal experiences with a hostile adult neighbor who insulted his little daughter’s “resurrection eggs” as she played with this neighbor’s kid during an Easter season to a long sample listing of the virulent anti-God, anti-Christian events of just the last two or three years, he weaves the narrative which is more than a wake-up call for the lazy and distracted.

A brief history of the great martyrs of the post-apostolic age, where the author talks about Polycarp (the pastor who was briefly the Apostle John’s pastor before the latter died of natural causes),  and shows that persecution and tribulation has and will always be with the true people of God, until He calls us home. Jesus Himself warned of these trials and tribulations, saying that they (the world) persecuted Him, so what makes us think they love us more than Him!  This book has twelve chapters, and each chapter contains not just the facts of the current estate which the church finds itself in, but systematic and accurate analysis of an accomplished author and bible teacher, who reads both the stitches on the signs of the times.  There is nothing extra biblical in eschatology (study of the end times) or soteriology.  One chapter, with its biblical underpinnings and some with prophetic references, flow into the next.  It is evident the author wishes to use historical context to inspire many who are searching for true meaning today, to a more complete understanding of the meaning of “suffering”.  

Nowhere in Scripture are we called to the modern American heresy of the “Best Life Now” and its prosperity gospel. But time after time, we are told about being called to suffer as Christ did. The evil of this modern age, liberal “Christianity” and false religion is making sure that true believers are made to suffer. The author calls this “hatred and its daughter, persecution” in ascension. We don’t have to search for it in some Google search. We see it  24 hours per day on the news and on the web. This is something American Christians do not wish to hear about, as the days are drawing closer when persecution will soon be outside our own church doors. However, it is absolutely real…and predicted in the Scriptures. I am also doubtful most unbelievers and fake Christians (the majority) will read this excellent book. However, should a few of them attempt, I recommend they go straight to the back of the book, in Appendix B, to fully and thoroughly examine not just the condition of their souls, but their entire lives. This is more than necessary – it is absolutely critical.  (Appendix A contain the book’s footnotes and I recommend Appendix C, which is a bonus definition section for the reader on the “Uses of Hatred and Enmity in the New Testament”.

Author Henderson does not leave the reader hanging, so to speak.  After exhorting the reader to execute this heart check to see if he/she is walking with Christ, he provides an intensive yet simple and easy to follow test at the back of the book, wherein the reader can ascertain if he/she is born again (thus saved) or needs to take the first step after false conversion and deception, which defines modern evangelism. All through the book, he expounds on the dire need to persevere, but a professing Christian can do no such thing without being born again. So this final part of SIFTED GENERATION, at the end of the thirteen chapters, could be the most important for the reader of it, for the casual reader. Eternity hangs in the balance for those who are lost and/or not assured of that positional salvation, wherein we spend Eternity in the Fellowship of His Presence. 
(Bernie Lutchman)
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