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Two years ago, Ava and her husband Keith Rousseau were involved in a horrific automobile accident which still requires physical therapy and rehab. In all those years, I never saw a complaint posted in public from either of them about their plight. In fact they testify to the goodness and Grace of God in getting both Keith and Ava through that time! The end result of this is Ava's first Christian music project.  Read more from Ava below and then visit her website here ( to find out more on how to support this vivid testimony which could be major blessing to someone going through severe long time physical trauma, as they had to endure....and persevere through! (BL)
Most readers of this blog know all about Greek Girl.  However for those who may be visiting my blog for the first time, Hi!  I'm Ava Aston.  We are launching "Operation Mustard Seed", a campaign to fund my very 1st Christian Music Album. The campaign is chock full of creative rewards and benefits for your involvement! We thought it would be fitting to have launched on Veterans Day being that my husband is a Veteran. My mom also works for the Purple Heart helping Veterans, and my passion for our supporting our Military. 

Hopefully I'll be able to fulfill one of my dreams and do a USO Tour one day! So for anyone new to my music, I’m an Independent Recording Artist, and I live just outside of New York City.  For my entire life I have been working on building a music career. When things finally started to move, my husband and I were both rear-ended in a car accident and my career came to a screeching halt, “literally.” We both suffered several injuries including both of us having a Traumatic Brain Injury.

For the last two years we’ve spent countless hours in recovery as I watched what was moving in my career slowly dwindle and drift away.  I found myself very upset not knowing why or how God could let something like this happen. Through much prayer and reflection I came to understand that the bad thing that God allowed was in fact for my good.  What I realized was that I was on the potter’s wheel.  For my entire life I had been trying to do things “my way”.  I wanted a music career for my reasons & for my purpose and finally just as it seemed like it was moving, God stopped me.

He showed me during this time that the voice He gave me was for Him and His purpose, that He wanted me to use it for his glory, not mine.  Now trust me, if any of you know me you would know this was not exactly the easiest thing for me to swallow, as this Greek Girl likes doing things my way and patience is not one of my redeeming qualities.

This experience though has been a turning point in my life.  I realized God has spent this time breaking me down and building me back up. But this time, it was going to be done “His way”.  So I’m setting out on a whole new journey, taking music in a new direction by making my very first Christian Music album.

I have songs ready to record that are all rooted in the message faith, hope, not giving up and they embrace and promote the American Values I am so passionate about. So as my own act of faith I am stepping out.  I am asking you to join me on this journey. Because just like me, God wants to do a work in each one of us.  Music is a very powerful tool, it can speak where words can’t. That is why I have come to making this campaign because I cannot make this happen on my own.

This campaign is my act of faith in Him that through people like you who share my values, who are saddened by what they see throughout pop culture with the decline in the moral fabric of our society… that I will be able to raise the financial support necessary to make my first Faith-based album. It’s part of a multi-phased plan. Step one is to produce the album, so I am asking for your prayerful consideration in helping it come to fruition.

There are a number of rewards to show my appreciation for getting involved.  My hope is that you would take the time to consider helping me do what I believe God has called me to do with the gifts and talents he gave me; to spread the positive message of faith, hope, and love.  To make music to encourage and lift people up in a world that is far too often busy tearing them down.

I am asking you to join me.  There are rewards for all levels, even as low as $5 - no level is to small and will help get the music & message out to the masses.  Please share the campaign with your friends, family, on social media, and email.  Most of all I am asking for your prayers as I set out on this journey. I hope to have you join me. This is a 30 day campaign, so please pledge then #share - Time is of the Essence!  Thank you so much for your time!  I would be honored to have you join me on this journey!
Blessings, Love and Music ~
Ava :D xo

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