Friday, November 29, 2013


Exactly one year ago, on Black Friday 2012, we looked at some of crazy antics of a people out of control in their idolatry - namely the god of reckless consumerism. This is the kind of garbage that gives seemingly "liberation theology" popes the license to attack the Free Market system which feeds the world, clothes the cold and shows up after natural diasters strike. While it may seemingly affirm their belief, this extreme consumerism is not indicative of an orderly system of free enterprise.

While our children and great children-to-be are being saddled with unpayable debt due to state and national politicians, the following uncivilized behavior is what we see....for a cheap flat screen TV or $10 DVD player, which will break in less than 3 years!!!! Yet these same people will create their own theology about "being a good person"; "going to heaven which they all are, according to them" or know where this is heading.  You cannot get them into a discussion about their own eternal souls and its destination because they are so clouded their self conscious lust for the natural over the eternal.

The world's system and its godless media celebrity culture and political leadership have the majority of people so thinking more of filling their stomachs and appetites for the latest gadget or reality show, they have no concept of the True God. They had better wake up fast! Tomorrow is not promised to ANYBODY so we can enjoy that cheap flat screen TV watching the immorality of Hollywood and its associated freak shows. They will come face to FACE with the Holiness of God in less than fifty years and what are they going to do then?!!

The answer can be found in Mark 1:15 NLT :"The time promised by God has come at last!" he announced. "The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!"  OR - make your peace with God TODAY, while there is still time - realize that all of this mayhem is getting nowhere but eternal punishment away from Heaven; ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you and your sins. He will, if you are truly sorry (or repentant). THEN believe Jesus Christ is the Ancient of Days (Daniel 7) and that He was born as a child to save the World (see: Christmas and John 3:16); that He ministered for three years and they are all recorded in the four gospels. It was then He showed us how to live and make our own relationship right with God. THEN believe that He was persecuted for Righteousness; nailed to a Cross by evil men; shed His own Blood for our sins; was buried and on the Third Day, He rose from the dead. He was seen by 500 people in those 40 days after the Resurrection. Many of those who voted to executed Him, ended up believing in Him. The secular historian Josephus was a friend of Jesus' half-brother, James and recorded some of these events.

If these people, whose current god is a 1080p HDTV; an X box or whatever, would seek out this Truth which is available to all NOW for FREE, they would not be doing this sort of thing we see all over America this weekend! All they have to do is accept the Jesus I just described as their own personal LORD and SAVIOR and they will be saved from eternal damnation....and you know what, they'll be able to enjoy that television yet with peace in their hearts. Why? Anyone who is truly saved has the Holy Spirit of God as their witness to that fact, and He is the giver of all good things, including contentment. 

Now, isn't this better than getting trampled by these hordes of the unwashed (in the Blood, that is)?

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