Wednesday, July 31, 2013


New England Patriots QB Tom Brady
Many go through life without grasping the full meaning of it life.  Like all of us, at some
point in our earlier years, many have questions, the answers for which they either seldom seek (and find) the correct answers  or get the world’s misdirection or even worse – just give up and let their lives just slip away, meaninglessly.  This is not what God intended for us – whether Jew or Gentile or rich or poor. There is something within the spirit of every human which instinctively desires more than the present condition.  Increasingly, we hear this, not only from those who have not surrendered to the plans God originally had for them, but those who frequently darken the church door.

Some think “if only I had a little more, a boat or a trip to Europe or….” It would make me really happy. Some seek love and relationship, and end up on some dating website or worse – a bar, looking for love in all the wrong places.  Some seek answers in their occupation, lacking the proper perspective of what work is really about. Some seek it in music, writing books or athletics.  However, no matter what the temporal condition of the person in question, it is all boils down – more times oft than not – to “is this ALL there is”?! Is this it?

This is the same question that Super bowl Champion New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had! Here is a man who has everything a man could want, in the world’s eyes! Brady has the big multi-million contract. Brady has the huge diamond-studded Super Bowl rings. Brady has the awe of his peers and the world sports media. Brady has the massive mansion in California. Brady has the fashion model pretty wife. Brady has it all…or does he? What did he have to say about all of this? Now he does seem to be a nice guy on the human level, and has taken a liking to born-again Christian and new Patriot Tim Tebow, so this not a personal attack on Brady. It is though, an honest look at what makes successful men tick (or not) and why honesty really is the best well as the first step to personal, spiritual redemption!

I recommend you watch this Plumbline program called “WHAT DO PEOPLE WANT OUT OF LIFE?” – It is the introductory program to my 12-Part study of the entire Book of Ecclesiastes which will be posted here over the next several weeks. This upcoming series is called “THE MEANING OF LIFE”. The underlying Spirit-led premise is this- if you and I really want to know what the true meaning of life really is – FIND IT IN THE GOD OF THE BIBLE!

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