Thursday, July 11, 2013


He divided the sea and caused them to pass through, And He made the waters stand up like a heap....Psalm 78:13

Many of our fellow citizens feel like the Egyptian army today that attempted to chase the Israelites through the Red Sea. 
There is an overwhelming feeling of being swamped by one wave of bad "stuff" after another. There is the bad news of a health report. 
There is the rising cost of food and fuel, which move a family to and from, from work to church. There is the hopelessness of the job search. 
There is the sad reality of grown adults moving back in with elderly parents, because the system has failed them. 
There is the reality of moral perversion destroying the culture and corrupting our children. 
There is the oppressive feeling of a boot on the neck of Freedom as satan shuts down every Biblical Truth in the public square, thus trampling on Galatians 5:1 - where Jesus Christ gave it all so we may be free. There is all of this and more.

When the Lord gave me this verse above, I had a quizzical look on my face, until I realized what He was telling me here. Throughout Psalm 78:6 the great next worship song writer in the Bible after King David - Asaph, is telling of the wonders and miracles of God, to a people who needed to be reminded of what He has done for them.  We are no different. In fact, in many respects we are worse of than those who had forgotten what God had brought them through 3000 years ago, because we have no excuse!

We have EVERY resource known to man to teach, encourage, edify (or build us up) in the wisdom and truth of God. We have every translation of the Bible -the Word of God - from the most literal to the dumbed down paraphrase called "The Message". We have it on TV in cartoons, videos, audio bibles, dramatized audio bibles and cd-roms. Just days ago, the popular web app YouVersion of the Bible just crossed 100 million downloads! Let me repeat that  - 100 million downloads. We have all of this. I confess to having Bibles everywhere myself - the car, my desk at work, one in almost every room of the house. I have an audio player of the dramatized version; an mp3 version; cds in my car of both Max McLean and the dramatized version.....I have no excuse either!

The poor Israelites had to be told the Word by a priest, who had the only copy of the Scroll, painstakingly handwritten on expensive parchment. Still they sinned, and we sin daily. Even worse, the majority of this country and the rest of this world has turned away from the Author of Truth...and the Author and Perfecter of our Faith. Just this one thing - you have 100 million downloads of the Bible, yet only 9% of adults in America with a Biblical worldview! This is less than 20 million people! The math does not add up.

What this means is we have a level of unbelief and lack of Trust in the ONLY One Who can save, deliver, redeem and restore.  We mouth His Name and shut down our hearts to true regeneration and conversion to His Way of Thinking (Isaiah 55:8). 

Think about what God just said in the verse above..."and He made the waters to stand up like a heap (Psalm 78:13b). Does the meaning of that really sink in? Forget the lost and stupid who deny God ever parted the Red Sea, we know He did. Forget the lost who believe in evolution and a big bang that nobody witnessed, hence it is unscientific. Forget the lost who promote evil and call it good. Their day is coming soon, to a Judgment Throne near you.

But YOU, remember THIS GOD - the One Who gives you breath. 
Remember THIS GOD - the One who gives you life daily (and can take it away).
Remember THIS GOD - the One Who gave you the food in your fridge and the fuel in your car.
Remember This GOD - the One Who healed you the last time you thought or heard you had an incurable disease.
Remember THIS GOD - the One Who brought you through when you thought you were dead in the water of financial difficulty, trouble with the kids or the bullies in the schoolyard.
Remember THIS GOD - the One Who rescued you from falling into immorality and pulled your fat out of the fire when you were tempted to go down a road of lust, adultery, fornication, abortion, rage, hatred, alcholism, drugs...and on and on.
Remember THIS GOD - the One Who will deal with those who hate Him, but would rather give them more time and Grace to see His Goodness....remember that God will you?
Remember THIS GOD - the One Who so loved this world that He gave His only Son, who begged three times in Gethsemane for the cup of God's wrath against sin, to be taken from Him, yet submitted to the Will of the Father, that we might be saved.

Remember THAT God, Who has, is and will continue to part the Red Sea of trouble and destruction - the way of escape, with a Road of Righteousness and deliverance SO BIG, you can drive a Mack Truck through it. Next time you and I doubt, let us remember that Divine Lord and Master! Why? It is for our own good....then, go back and read the entire Psalm 78 and marvel and The Goodness of our Great God in Heaven! AND REMEMBER - HE PARTS THE RED SEA OF OUR DESPAIR SO WE CAN GO THROUGH IT - ON THE DRY LAND...NO MUD, NO CLAY - BUT SMOOTH DRY PAVEMENT!

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