Friday, April 26, 2013


This week, the A & E Reality Series "DUCK DYNASTY" became the most watched television show in America - on both network AND cable TV! It blew out anything else on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and all the other well-known cable nets like USA, TBS etc. The viewership of the Bearded Dudes from Da Bayou of Monroe, Louisiana has been rising steadily since February. This past week, it more than doubled the viewership of the perennial ratings giant - American Idol!

So why is a show about a family of self-confessed "rednecks", who don't shave and live faithfully and happily with their God-given wives; shoot guns and thank Jesus for their food so popular? I will tell you why - this is how the average traditional-minded American lives (or wished that he/she lived)! The Duck Dynasty concept is based on the true lives of the Robertson family, who worked hard, prayed hard and played by the rules. As a result, they did build it! They built a million dollar business based on selling one hand-made custom-made duck call, at a time!

With their hard-earned wealth, this family of rugged married family men, live lives which the average working man and woman can identify with. They face the same routines of middle-class America: teenage daughters dating; what to eat for supper; maybe lose a little weight and going to church on Sunday. They even have a midlife crisis once in a while, but instead of sinning, they join a gym or buy a powerful motorbike, which they can't ride!

The values of the Robertson Family are what the loud minority of liberals have been attempting to destroy in America for decades. These are: Biblical Marriage (Genesis 2:24 - between a man and a woman); the 2nd Amendment (the Robertson's loves them some powerful hunting firearms); Capitalism (everything about this family is free enterprise American) and Family (they're united and love being around each other). But the most scary to the average modern day liberal who drives around with a "CoExist" bumper sticker on their cars, but want everything under the sun to exist except Christians and our Bible, is the Robertsons' Faith! Si; Phil, Willie and Jace are bold, blatant and bounding in praise for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They proclaim Him every chance they get. They even talk about Him openly on the show and as their popularity increases and spreads outside the zone of Christians like us, more and more folks are inviting these well-informed and well-spoken men to speak at their events!

Willie Robertson is the keynote speaker for Christian Day at the great former World Series Champion St Louis Cardinals baseball team, in St Louis, Missouri this summer! This has not been announced yet, but he follows Coach Tony Dungy, who a few years ago, had many make a profession of Faith in Christ when he invited them to surrender their lives to Christ. I have worked a Christian Day at the Cardinals (2011) and over 10,000 sometimes stay back after the game to hear the message! Many of my friends in ministry use Willie's evangelism video in youth group and watching the faces of teens, who never knew Willie was a fired up Christian, is priceless! This video enhanced generation can be reached a lot easier if more and more celebrities would testify to the Transforming Power of Jesus Christ like Willie and the Duck Dynasty gang. This sort of thing then opens the door for folks on the ground like us, to then come around these youth and train them in the way they should go - the Way of the Cross!

So, as the guys get ready to start filming Season 4 of the most popular TV show in America, we celebrate the return to traditional values; faith, fun and family. Who needs to watch that perverted pap on the networks when we can DVR or watch the Robertsons on Xfinity or any of the many various ways we can now. They are a joy to behold above this rising cesspool of American culture.

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Sandy Briggs said...

I do not miss a show, not to mention, when I need a shelter when I need a witness, I slide in a dvd, The Rock is there!

They are the biggest blessing this mortal coil has ever offered that literally feeds one's soul and makes life feel right again.

I get to experience what "Hope" feels like.

"Happy-Happy-Happy" ... I sure am!