Thursday, April 4, 2013


Dr. J. Rodman Williams was the Chaplain to the First US Marine Corps on Okinawa and in China during the heat of the battle in World War II, yet this man of God was also an anointed prolific author/pastor and theologian who touched many lives. When he died at age 90, in 2008, Dr. J. Rodman had completed a full life, kept the faith and finished the race. During his life, he authored many books which were well-circulated, but just a few months ago, his widow Johanna released a brand new masterpiece which is required reading for any serious Christian.

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS: Ancient Words - Timeless Truths is a rugged, plain yet gentle reminder of  every human's relationship with the Holiness of God and healthy daily interaction with our fellow man. More than just a recitation of the "Do's and Don'ts" of the Decalogue, it is a loving exposition of every one of the Ten Commandments' meaning and application to daily life.

The book has the loving feel from an under-shepherd of Christ, who cares about every detail of his flock and less than that of a theRULEologian - which Dr. Williams was! (Dr. Williams was also a professor of Renewal Theology at Pat Robertson's Regent University in Virginia).  

The first four commandments define our relationship with God and what He requires for us to even have such a relationship. The Fifth Commandment defines the transition from God the Father to our parents and then leads us to Commandments Number Six through Ten, which are life rules EVERY single human should live by! I had just completed a series of 10 television programs on the same Ten Commandments in detail when I came across this wonderful book!
Even so, I found his treatment of each commandment's application and definition to be absolutely fascinating and fabulous. The Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit - the Author of Scripture - jumps out off the words of the book! My most favorite chapter, since I loved the entire book, was the Second Commandment - "You shall not make unto yourself any graven image..." or basically - you shall not make idols and worship them! What the author did here was not just give the obvious examples of people praying to statues of the saints etc...but how evangelicals - protestants like you and I - fall for cultural creep into our consciousness and end up with graven images (or worse) in our own lives; in our own churches; in our own worship. This was his strongest and fullest chapter and worth the price of the book, by itself!

This book is so needed in light of not just the idolatry of even people inside of the church, but an entire society that it should required reading in every Sunday School class and small group. The chapter on the Eight Commandment (You shall not steal) should convict not just everyone in society, but any christian who thinks he is getting away with some of the most "innocent: (by world standards) of actions! I recommend this book as a companion to your study. I guarantee if you read this book - Ten Commandments: Ancient Words- Timeless Truths, and talk about it, you have the ability to lead many others to seek a deeper understanding of not just the "rules and laws" listed therein, but the Law- giver - Jesus Christ, Who IS the Fulfillment of the Law!

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